6 Birth Stories in Haiku Form

It all started out so well.

More than five years ago, I eagerly told the stories of my first two labor & deliveries... and then somewhere along the way, I shared about the arrival of my fourth child.

But I have not made the time to write down the others... and I keep adding children, which just adds to the mass of what I need to tell.  :)


I came across Jennifer's brilliant birth story haiku post for her 2nd and 6th children, and decided to join her and tell all 6 stories in 5-7-5 format, in one post.

Here are my labor and delivery stories (titles are linked to their "welcome"/intro blogpost-- my first two boys were born in pre-blog days):

ETHAN, in Arlington, VA (2002)
Dreamed of natural
Water broke, but no contrax
Ended in NICU

BAXTER, in Waxahachie, TX (2004)
Induced by doctor
No pain meds needed, praise God
Baby in my arms

Painful back labor
Thai doctor helped dilation
Precious baby girl

First time without Pit
Real contractions game-changer
Pink perfect baby

Midnight brought contrax
I delivered standing up
Easiest so far

Homebirth with midwives
Long labor, head not engaged
Hard work but worth it

So there's my short-version birth stories.  I feel a weight of relief that at least now I've told *some* of each story.  :)

Like this idea?  Want to share your birth haiku?  
Either write it in comments, or link up to your blogpost.



Tara said...

LOVE this! You make me smile! :)

Jen @ Conversion Diary said...

I loved reading these. Thanks for joining in!

Jaime H said...

neat idea!! I loved reading these!