Collected Thoughts for the New Mom

Occasionally, young moms e-mail me or leave comments asking for more information about what we do with newborns and little ones. So here it is, all in one post-- all the things I've written (so far) about what we do to love and live life with the little people that enter our family:

Hopefully some part of this will help you new (and/or young) moms!


tara said...

I had to smile at the 'little arrow' in your second to last link.

We had our third child almost five weeks ago and his name is

Jos (Short for Joseph = God will add)
Fletcher (arrow maker)


SarahF said...

Hi Jess,

I enjoyed all the links on this post, particularly your birth stories for Ethan and Baxter. Would you consider writing your experiences with Maranatha and Silas? I'm sure you, talented writer that you are, could make them interesting even if you think they're not!

Sarah Fiodorova x

Jess said...

:) Yup. I meant to write them back in March of last year, if that tells you anything.

I'll eventually type em up, just haven't done it yet. Long stories short: our third was induced... had bad back labor (worst of all 4)... and was born in 4 hours. Our fourth was entirely natural... labored at home... had him less than an hour and a half after getting to the hospital. Really great.

But I'll write up the longer versions some time. What made them most interesting was that both were born overseas-- our third in Thailand and our fourth here in Turkey. So we have a little Thai and a little Turk. (But really they're both Americans) :)


Di said...

Thank you - much appreciated!

Kacie said...

My baby boy, Jonathan (means gift of God, and he so is!) is 7 weeks old. He nursed and cuddled with me as I read through these wonderful posts.

Thanks for taking the time to compile these links!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I *just* found out I'm pregnant, and your post was a HUGE blessing! Thank you so much for compiling all this information!

Kristi :)

Leah said...

What a great idea Jess; I'll enjoy reading through these during our ritual family 'rest' time over the next few days (I read that one!!). I'm also a cloth nappy/cloth wipes gal so had a peak at that post too...thanks for sharing all your wise words. Lots of AMEN's as I'm reading!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jess for this post. I find it very helpful and I have added Boundaries with kids to the list of books to buy. May God bless you for being a channel of blessing to many. ~ Shade

Anonymous said...

Learning to nurse discreetly in public is so important. Women shouldn't feel like they have to either wean or go crazy being house-bound with their frequent nursers.

The more moms can live their lives while nursing, the less isolated we will be and the easier it is to commit to the extended nursing that has so many health benefits for baby and mom.

It's so much easier to be out and about with a nursling--no worries about mixing bottles or forgetting to bring formula or dropping a bottle on the floor or not being able to warm up your baby's food.

Laurie B

Sandi (aka Mrs. M) said...

I am so enjoying these posts and ideas. Though I am still making my way through them all,there are many areas where we are so similar. Our kids go to sleep to Mrs. G stories or worship music but I love the idea of me listening to scripture through out the day. The one thing I miss so much is the time to study scripture during the infant phase.

We have used a loose version of babywise with our kids and it has been such a blessing for our family. I tend to steer away from talking about it due to the onslaught of strong opposition to it. Though I don't agree with everything in the book, it has been a helpful tool. The idea that people blame the book because they choose not to feed their baby when he is hungry is beyond me. It's simply one man's approach and even if he did say it's the only way that doesn't make it true. It ceritanly has made our family life...well, about the whole family and not the most recent addition.

I also enjoy reading your blog because of the focus on sound doctrine and scripture. We as women so need to entrench ourselves in truth. I often find many women leave this to the men. Thinking right, informs right living and those ever present emotions God blessed us with :o). Many more thoughts but my little people need their big person.