Back on the Bookshelf-- Hinds' Feet in High Places

Hinds' Feet on High Places by Hannah Hulnard has come at an incredibly helpful time in my life. In recent months, there have times that I've needed to "accept with joy" what comes my way, trusting in my Shepherd's guiding care to lead me the best way to the heights He means for me.

Facing loneliness. Not having a vision for where God wants to take you. Thinking that He does not see. Wondering if He will come to your aid when you call. Learning to receive the teaching and growth that comes through suffering and sorrow. Resting in the promises that God has given.

All these things and more are directly addressed with great spiritual clarity and discernment in this rich, descriptive picture of the Christian life. As "Much-Afraid" walks through the deep valleys, climbs the cliffs, and walks through the mist, where nothing she has been promised-- and has even seen with her own eyes-- seems to be near, there are many lessons for the reader to glean.

I enjoyed this book a great deal, and am thankful that I read it in this season of life. Here is a helpful study guide for those who want to go deeper in thinking about and applying the lessons from Hinds' Feet on High Places.


Erin said...

This book also really touched me in understanding my walk with the Lord. My children really enjoyed the children's version as well!

Domestikate said...

I find myself re-reading this book every few years. Even though I have borrowed/given away several copies, I always keep one on my shelf for a season where I may need a refresher. It seems I come away with something new every time I read it. Thanks for the study guide link, it may come in handy.

Oh, and I agree with Erin, my kids enjoyed the children's version as well.

Sadie said...

This is one of my all time favourite books, my first copy had hand written notes in the margin from my great grandmother and my own mom. This year, with our move overseas, my motto was "acceptance with joy" taken directly from the book. I highly recommend it for any Christian to read.

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

I LOVE this book!!! It's one of my all time favorites. In fact, I just picked it up a couple of days ago to re-read. We've gone through a lot in our life the past year - a move overseas,lonlieness, opting to put our children into school after nearly 10 years, and much more. I think it's exactly what I need right now.

Thanks for sharing a valuable resource!

Mrs. Price said...

This is one of my favorite books. So inspiring!

Julie said...

Love that book! I too have to pull it out and re-read it every few years :0)

Have you read the sequel, "Mountains of Spices"?