Show & Tell: Links Aplenty!

I've got a lot of interesting links for you this time... and this is the pared-down list. :) I deleted at least 15-20 links that I had stored up to share, just so that it wouldn't be so very overwhelming... still, it's a hefty list. And I'm going to take this opportunity to share some recent pics of my kiddos-- because I can. :)

So let's get started. Click, read, learn, be challenged, laugh, and enjoy!

ABORTION: Inform yourself!
  • Make your own Taco Seasoning. Rave reviews and a recommendation from Terry @ Breathing Grace (I'm pretty sure). Once I run out of my stock, I'm trying this one.
  • Here are some fascinating ways to use old plastic bags: You can fuse them into a durable & sewable material. Here's a link with lots of info and several helpful how-to videos. Use the material to make a cloth shopping bag or purse. Here's a FAQ about safety for these projects. This sounds like an inventive & potentially beautiful way to recycle those gazillion bags that pile up under the kitchen counter, in the pantry, etc.


Courtney said...

I was apprehensive to click the link for Why You're Fat, but breathed a sigh of relief that chocolate chip cookies were NOT featured. Whew!

Laura said...

AAAAnnnnd my stats go through the roof! Thanks for the linkage, girl! :)

Heather said...

cute post! lots of good info. I'll be checking out several of your links. OH and yes, we have been using vicks on our feet for about 2 years now! isn't it awesome. anytime one of us gets a little congested we rub it on our feet before bed, put on our socks to keep it on our feet and by morning we are so much better!

Shannon said...

Our landlord here in India actually told us before the election that Obama carried around a Ganesh (the elephant god known as being the giver of wealth and health) in his pocket. I don't know how he knew that except through gossip, but that's what he told us.

(The photo you linked to said he carries around a mini monkey god, which is Hanuman, known for being a devotee of Shiva, the god of destruction and giver of life.)

P.S. Thanks for the linkage :)

Catie said...

Thanks for posting the "I am second" link!! How inspiring! It makes me realize how awesome God really is and how He works in the most amazing ways! God bless!!

Jennifer said...

I haven't been reading your blog long. I really enjoy these "linky" posts. I don't know if you have seen this reading list, but I have used it with my children who are now 18 and 21 and found it very helpful.


Catherine R. said...

Wow, what an encouragement that post was on weight over at Terry's. I know my husband is probably sick of me asking him if he's embarrassed to be seen with me. I need to serious stop being so stupid about me weight "problem" as if it makes God love me less.

On the other hand I think "This is why you're fat" might be the funniest name for a blog I've ever heard.

Ashley said...

was caught up on housework today (a rarity!) and have been having so much fun clicking! thanks for the great links! i especially loved the one on fairness which i totally agree with (although, i admit, i finally gave in and bought a second blue thomas the train...ahhh!!), and the "studying to be a SAHM" one...great!

incidentally, thanks for the non-inflamatory comment on my blog! i love having a "friend" who sometimes disagrees (though we usually totally agree!!) but who is OVER mommy wars and is comfortable in her own parenting skin! thanks for being a good example; some girls who read my blog tend to get really defensive. please feel free to disagree peacefully whenever you want!!! (also, 11+2=13 so you and i are actually about the same! one of mine does 13/day, the other does 11/day...13 and 15 are two totally different stories!!!)

Tanya said...

Some great links!

I especially enjoyed the one about teaching our children to be content. And that "This is Why You're Fat" link.....whoa baby, I think I gained 2.3 pounds just LOOKING at the food - then proceeded to get a gut ache just thinking about ingesting all that junk. Too funny.

on the eastern journey said...

Thanks Jess for all these great links! We actually make that same taco seasoning recipe. It's so yummy.

Britt said...

LOVED the video about the large family...cracked me up!

Checking out the chickens...I've been wanting to start them for a few years now...but children took priority :)

And am doing the Vicks on my 5 yo DD right now! Will let you know if it works :)

Anonymous said...

The Vicks vapo-rub on-the-feet idea circulated to our home this year and even after we tried it I'm still a little skeptical. This one seems to have all the makings of an "urban legend". My little one coughed some after trying it, and it's really, really, really hard to say if she coughed less or about the same.

Thank you for your blog. I do appreciate what you're doing very much, and believe that you're content is very constructive.


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i always love your link lists.

Barbara H. said...

When I saw this post I bookmarked it to read later when I had a little more time, and lo and behold, I found a link to my place! Thanks for the link! I'm glad you and your readers enjoyed the "This is why you're fat" site.

I did a post once on Biblical "one anthers" -- the non-Biblical ones you linked to are quite convicting.

Alli Worthington said...

Awesome resources.

I run the Worthington Wire, and I found so many great things to highlight.

Thank you so much for all your work!

Blessings, Alli

belowatime said...

Thanks for the great lists!

I'm really enjoying your blog (and the fun/interesting links)