Show &Tell: Odds & Ends (Mostly Odd)

First up- the discussion in the comments of my recent "Quick Query" about lingerie has gotten quite lively. Take a look and feel free to weigh in with your thoughts!
Jenn over at Frugal Upstate has declared April as Amateur Improve Your Blog Month. So, if you're an amateur blogger or just want to improve your blog, you should check out her blog over the next month and read some of her tips on *frugally* improving your blog (I know I plan to!). She's already got one great post about free blog designs you can get online, if you're looking for an overhaul!

Seriously? You mean to tell me that with obese 8-year-olds, gender-changing divorcees, and women who want other people to pay to raise their children, that HOMESCHOOLERS are who we should all be watching out for?! Heaven help us!
Here's one man who finds homeschoolers admirable rather than concerning. He does a good job paying tribute to all homeschooling moms out there.

A new blog I found, called What Not to Crochet, had this hilarious example of why the title of their blog fits.

Emily over at Confessions of a Tired Mom has a great video about what a "Mommed out" (as opposed to 'pimped out') van looks like. If you need a laugh, GO SEE THE VIDEO!

Happy reading!


Grace said...

Wow, that article on homeschooling is more than a little warped and frightening! How on earth can they be so skeptical and justify the need to "watch out" for homeschoolers all while listing the benefits of homeschooling? Or justify schools teaching sex education and nutrition which are parental responsibilities?!

*~Tamara~* said...

How did they film of my van without my noticing?


Mom said...

The example of what not to crochet is hilarious! I'm still laughing!!!! Mom