Scripture Painting

This last year or so, I've really come to enjoy painting Scripture and heart-engaging text... on canvas/wood/whatever.  Here's my Pinterest board I use as inspiration for that purpose. 

This is something I worked on last week... 

(If you looked at the pinterest link above, you'll quickly see that this painting was my inspiration.)

My husband's workplace (a Christian school) is having its annual auction to raise funds this weekend.  Since he's crazy busy right now, I painted this on canvas for his entry.  

I used leftover paints from our house paints (we had the house painted before we moved in), and used a roughly 1 & 1/2' by 2' canvas I'd purchased at a thrift store for $1.50.  It had an old still life on it, and so in order to cover up that uneven texture from the old paint, I used the smallest bits of grass clippings from our lawnmower (painting over them quickly to keep them still on the canvas) to add a consistently-random texture to the base before painting any text.  The pale blue background color is from our kitchen, and the dark gray color is from our cabinets.  I mixed the two in various proportions for the different medium grays of the others texts.  

I've actually started another project for our home, requested by my husband, clarifying which laundry basket is which... whites and darks.  That may sound obvious, but we have little people who accidentally throw their darks in the wrong bin, and we also put sheets & towels in with the whites which sometimes makes the top of the bins look indistinguishable.  So I'm painting a sign for whites and darks... I'll share pictures once I'm through.

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