7 Quick Takes Friday - #15

Gotta make this quick, lots to do!

  1. After the mold problem, and hitting many different dead ends, we decided that instead of committing to an apartment and paying rent on it while we're gone, we'd rather head back to the US a bit earlier than we'd planned. So, we'll be heading back in March, just a matter of weeks! Wahoo! We're all excited to see family & friends, to partake of all the delicious foods Texas has to offer, and see that wide open sky... with lots and lots of grassy fields... once again.

    (By the way, I did get all of our family favorite recipes posted, so if you're interested, check them out!)
  2. Praying with our eyes open. The other day, we got together with a large group of friends and while we were praying for each other, I (of course) had my eyes open, watching Moses since he's now in full "get-into-everything" mode. As I watched him, I noticed that the two other moms of little ones were the only other people in the room with their eyes open as well. It seemed to me to be a very good analogy for this season of life... praying with our eyes open. Seeing the everyday, physical things of life around us while trying to keep mentally focused on eternal, Godward things. Moms of little ones, praying with our eyes open. (I suppose here is where I ruin the analogy though, and admit that I've never really liked closing my eyes during prayer, LOL.)
  3. Packing up a house isn't a fun thing to do. But I do think it's easier, having sorted and purged regularly-- since we've moved so many times in the last 5 years-- than it would be if we were just doing it for the first time in. Do you sort & purge regularly? It's becoming a way of life for me.
  4. No S Diet. Sometimes I'm getting discouraged these days, but the other day, I weighed myself and noticed I'm down a bit more. I can't quite remember anymore where I started, but I think I've lost a couple pounds in the last couple weeks. I am noticing huge differences in my amount of self-control, and my cravings for sweet things. I just don't WANT sweets so bad these days... whereas (have I already shared this?), I often normally feel just like Chris Farley in this old SNL skit.
  5. Style. Culture. "The Latest". Though I love Project Runway & What Not To Wear, I'm not personally a fashion person, but ya know, we've been out of America for basically 5 years, give or take (we were back for 7 months in 2007). So I need your help. Anything you want to share? I finally looked up a Larry King interview with Lady Gaga so I'd know who she is. And it seems like 80's fashion is coming back in style (can I say "yuck!"?). Anything I need to know? Any new things in American culture you want to tell me about so I don't feel so out of sorts?
  6. I've been wanting to write a few posts lately, and just don't have time- one about how Doug & I came to the decision of me staying at home, even while I was working at a dream job in Washington D.C., another about how to help young kids do well in travel situations (boy have we had experience with that!). I also am remembering that I still need to write up my labor experiences with the last 3 kiddos (sorry I didn't get those written up in time for some of you who live overseas and requested that I do that last year!). One is already half typed up, and I just need to finish it up. Anything else you might put on my suggested writing list? I'm thinking that while in the States, I may have little pockets of times with not much to do. (Maybe that's a fantasy dream-world; I've never lived there with 5 kids, ha!)
  7. Love, love, LOVE this song! We've all been dancing (even Moses, he bounces up and down on his little hands, ha!) to this song the last week or two. Lecrae is one of our family favorites!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about how you came home instead of working your dream job. I still feel kind of sad for quitting my job, although I do enjoy being at home more now. It's been 2 years since I quit, but I'm still not over it.

I still feel like something is missing. I thought coming home was the right thing, but it seems like there is something else I should be doing.

I can't help but wonder is that nagging feeling me or God? Or just gas? *sigh*

~ V.

ps I'm so happy to see you writing again!

Winnie Spann said...

Jess, I'm not sure when or how I got turned on to your blog, but I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks for sharing! I would appreciate reading about kids and transitions to a new place/travel situations. We have recently made a short-term (possibly longer than expected term) transition from TN to Hawaii. Our 4 yr old is having a really hard time with everything, so I would love to hear some insight from such a pro!

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

We sort and purge regularly.

If you avoid network TV when you get back, you'll be fine.

Also, if FL is anything like TX (they're both hot), you'll have to readjust to seeing women in fewer clothing after several years in Turkey, where I assume the women dress far more modestly.

Happy packing!

Aliesha said...

My baby loves this song too!

Jess said...

We'll probably avoid TV for the most part. We get Slingbox here, so we see some things (recorded on DVR) from American TV.

One thing I'm looking forward to is the LIBRARIES!!! I think I'm going to begin a tradition of a weekly library visit. :)

Yes, clothes. Well, even when I was on vacation at the BEACH, I still had a hard time getting comfortable wearing shorts, and sleeveless tanks... I'd just gotten mentally adjusted to wearing more clothes than necessary. So yeah, I agree-- I will have to get used to ladies wearing less, I'm sure! At least we're not heading back in July or August. That would probably really be a shocker, LOL.


Charisa said...

I am looking forward to hearing your tips and advice on travel with little ones. We are heading back to Canada (from Africa) in July, and our son will be one and a half. Little enough to still be on our laps, but old enough to not want to be contained or sit still!

And we also sort and purge fairly often. But then we too are a family living overseas, and have had to pack up and store things, and so it happens a little more naturally, than for some. And I'm actually kind of dreading opening some of our boxes and seeing how much stuff we still have! I think we will just have to make a big "get rid of" pile right away as we unpack.

Belinda said...

Weather in Texas is CRAZY right now!! Teens last week, 70's this week! I don't know the area you are going to but if you are around the North(not panhandle) then be ready for flip flops or extra layers. Ya never know in March. But, you probably already know that;)
We had mold in our first house and that was horrible. It never went away. We finally moved and that cleared up a lot of allergy related symptoms we all had. I feel for you.
God bless you guys in your move and you travels!

Catherine R. said...

Okay, my comment contribution tday might now be considered very deep but...

Fashion. Personally, as someone who has generally been considered a sharp dresser (I say that lightly now in the throes of drastic body size changes over childbearing but...) I take very little consideration in what is "in" at the time. I think people can easily become fashion victims; wearing something just because it is in, despite that it is not flattering or attractive.

That said, "jeggings" are in right now and I actually approve of them. I think a slim legged jean actually looks better if you have meat on your bones. Bootcut is not where it's at. Jeggings, skinny jeans or straight/ slim legged jeans with stretch in the fabric is good. Dark denim is good.

Ballet flats. They are comfortable for us moms and unlike athletic shoes, aren't as "momish". Animal prints. A touch of animal print (not too much) is chic. I have leopard ballet flats.

"Draped" cardigans are in and I approve. They are way more flattering and less corny looking. They are cut to fall in one line around the neck as if you are wearing a scarf just hanging there.

For skirt wearing... mid calf is the length I like the best. I wear leggings under my skirt when its cold. Flats w/ no socks of course.

My 2 cents!

Love your stuff, friend, and hope to hear more about your post ideas.

Catherine R. said...

One more thing... lace and ruffle detailing on shirts is in right now, not too overdone, subtle, and I love this. It's so feminin. I have also discovered for me in this stage of life that clingy shirts are not the greatest idea anymore for modesty reasons as well as being unflattering when there's flab going on. Casual blouse type shirts with a white cotton undershirt are great.

Johanna said...

Yea for heading back to TX soon! I might just run into you at the library, since we depend on it heavily for school!

Oh, and I agree with everything Catherine said about fashion!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

With your packing up for your move to the States you might appreciate this new series Project Simplify on the Simple Mom blog, which will encourage all of us to tackle five hot spots we need to organise in our homes over the next five weeks. I'm going to try to join in at least some weeks as I've several hot spots to tackle in my home!

Tsh also has a post on another blog about what she learned about living simply by living overseas and how she's trying to continue it in the States.


Wishing you and all your family all the best with all the arrangements for your move back to Texas.


Carletta said...

I have to pray with my eyes open so I can make sure my dd is closing her eyes, lol.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on heading back to the Great State!


Miss Silja said...

"Praying with our eyes opened" - I really liked that!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but skinny jeans are not attractive on anyone who isn't a size 00- 8.

Some of us have too much meat on our bones and boot cut helps make that look better.

Jess said...

LOL, anonymous, I agree. I'm not going to be wearing jeggings, no matter the decade, no matter if every other kind of pant is destroyed and that's the only one for sale. I'll be making my own at that point, LOL. Some of us just weren't made for jeggings. :)

Jess said...

BTW, this is random, but if anyone else is reading this, you should totally look up the clip of Conan showing off jeggings-- hysterical!