7 Quick Takes Friday - #14

Ready for 7 Quick Takes? Here we go...
(this post also contains random photos from the last 9 months. Hope you like them.)
  1. Moses ate TWO WHOLE bananas for dinner tonight. Normal, good-sized bananas. And he'll only be 7 months old tomorrow. Isn't that nuts? Who eats this much at 7 months old?

  2. I finished Stepping Heavenward a few days ago, and decided that I think I'm going to keep it in an annual rotation. It's so relevant for the life of a young Christian mother-- I highly recommend it!

  3. The No S Diet is still going well. I think this week, the thing I've noticed most has been the way self-control is starting to come more naturally. When I was cooking tonight, I didn't want to sneak a bite or two before I sat at the table. Last night when I sat down at the table, I didn't mind waiting to cut up the kids' food before I got to mine. For a mondo-nursing mom like me (read: hungry 24/7), that's some real self-control. I'm impressed with this No S lifestyle. My smart husband said, "so basically, self-control breeds more self-control". I think that's it!

  4. Massages. I love em. It's my "luxury thing", I guess. I hadn't had one in years, so last year for my birthday/our anniversary/Christmas, I asked for a package of a few massages. I've spaced them out since October, and now I have one left. I'm thinking of just getting a classic full-body Swedish massage, though I really really love reflexology. What's your luxury thing?

  5. Thoughts on moving. We've had a rough go of it, trying to find an apartment. And I'm really going to miss our great view of this vast city. Most likely, any apartment we take after this one will have a view of other buildings... it just doesn't get much better than this. At least not in our price range. :)

  6. I made beignets (New Orleans' style donut-like pastries) for dinner tonight. Man, they are so good! There's enough dough left over to have them breakfast a couple days this week too! These things are tasty and so so easy!

  7. Hairstyles. I'm a long-hair girl. I've gone short before, but I really prefer long. Don't really care for bangs. So what am I to do? I don't have time to keep layers looking good... any ideas for me? Links to pictures of ideas? Anything? I need to refresh the look, and would love to hear your advice.

Have a great weekend!


Kid Feed Mommy said...

I'm with you on the long hair, no bangs, but not sure what to do with it since I have small children and not a lot of time to manage my hair!

My recent find that I've been loving is the Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose. They are really pretty and easy to use!


The Reader said...

Love all the random photos, and watching for hair ideas as I'm in the same predicament. I need something to refresh the look, but not short or layers or bangs. What's a girl to do??? Also, praying for the apartment hunting.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

~The "cooking without sneaking a bite": It's always a challenge for me because I taste the food to test it for seasonings and such, particularly when it's a new recipe or a twist on an old one.That's tricky for me. I'm right there with you on the self-control issue.

~I have never read Stepping Heavenward, but I've been meaning to for a long time. You have encouraged me to add it to my must-reads for this year.

Maryellen said...

I have a three month old that I'm nursing and also started working out a few weeks ago. I'm STARVING! I'm wondering if my appetite is canceling out my exercise, but I'm trying to be self-controlled, too! I got a fortune cookie on my date night last night that said, "Eating creates appetite." I am a total believer that the sovereignty of God can come out in fortune cookies (though my hubby disagrees :). Not sure what that might mean - that if I stop eating so much, my appetite will decrease? Not sure. Gonna have to pray about it ;)

Ashley said...

Hi Jess! I think I have yet to make a comment here, but have definitely been a long-time reader. I appreciate your posts so much... everything from Baby Wise to the last post on Mommy guilt. :)

I just wanted to comment and say that I too am a long haired girl, but have many times just chopped it off out of frustration only to regret it a few months later. My hair is finally growing out again, and I find that once again I don't have time to do it. So I have figured out if I wash my hair every three days and style it (I have layers and use a big curling iron), I can just refresh it with some powder, baking soda, or dry shampoo. (I recommend dry shampoo over the others though, as powder leaves your hair a little dull looking) I take a shower every day though, so afterwards I just blow dry for 30 seconds to dry anything that got wet in the shower, put some powder on the tips of my fingers and massage it in my scalp where I tend to get the oiliest. If I need my hair to look extra good, I might throw a few more curls in it. I talked to my stylist about it and she said that only washing 2-3 times a week was way better for my hair anyway! Yay! Hope that helps a little!

Ryan and Sandra said...

Thank you for this post (and all of the rest!). Before I forget, I want to tell you I have prayed for God to show you joy in the midst of life :)

When my husband asked me why I wanted to read your blog (since we've never met, but I've subscribed for a long time), I quickly answered “She’s a great lady, she loves God, and she really inspires me!” He suggested I write to let you know, so here it is.

We recently returned to the States (permanently, due to lack of funds) after 2 years living in 2 different countries in Latin America as missionaries. I really appreciated your M.H. Food site then, too, because I could usually find the ingredients you use! Thanks for posting those.

I can also attest that certain long-term stressors we felt as missionaries overseas aren't present here 'at home,' but I also have discovered a whole new group of stressors! It's not easy to stay with others, try to get settled on our own, and even the so-called little things, like deciding which bread to buy for the week, can be a challenge! I may have missed you writing it before, but it looks like you’re only coming back to the U.S. for a short time. How long do you plan to stay?

I realize that this is getting long, but also wanted to thank you for telling about the No S Diet. I think I'm about to join you on that path. And your smart husband is right: self control breeds self control. My smart husband has often commented that when we're being faithful in meeting our basic goal in one area (i.e., exercise), we are much more likely to make ourselves be faithful in others (i.e., eating right).

Praying that God will bless you with a safe and spacious apartment better than you think you can afford--and ready to praise him for whatever he gives you,

Mama Hen said...

I love Steppin Heavenward. It truly changed my mothering. I just sent a copy to a friend that has three littles under five in hopes it will encourage her also.

Ashley said...

hey! just catching up a little bit. we have so much in common. i hope we get to meet somewhere in texas. massages are my "luxury thing" too, and i am also a long hair girl, sans bangs :) no advice on how to stay current on the hair, though! i get a trim once a year.