Fairly soon, we'll have a new little boy joining our family. His name will be Moses Henry, and he'll join in on our family's shenanigans and multiply our joy and be used by God to change each of us. I pray and trust that God will use Moses, his life, his personality, and his gifts, to impact this world in remarkable ways.

As I get closer to delivering, I just wanted to share the lyrics to a song. You may remember my appreciation for Lori Chaffer's voice and writing style... here's a song of hers that's been resounding in my head the last week or so:

(Supposedly, you can listen to it here)
Welcome to this dusty land

Where you will cry lots but we'll all understand

Things may not turn out sometimes like you plan

That's all right, our little man

Welcome outside of your mother's womb

Well, I know that it's frightening, but now there's more room

Just think of all the great things you'll do

Just by you being you

I don't care what the world says about all this struggling

All I know is that now you're here, it's all lovely, lovely

I don't care about all the things that have troubled me

Now that you're here I remember life can be so lovely

Welcome to us, oh, our little song
You're one part your daddy, one part your mom
They're gonna help you grow up to be strong,
But for now, little guy, sleep well

I'm definitely ready to welcome our little man outside of his mother's womb (his due date is a bit squidgy, but I think I'm about 38 & 1/2 weeks right now, due sometime the first few days or week of July), but I also know that God will bring him at the right time, and our lives will eternally change to include this new little person He's given.

For now, I get to enjoy feeling him a little longer on the inside (which still totally rocks my world... He pushes and flops and kicks and it's wild to think that each jump or hiccup is from a little person who will be so significant to me for the whole of my life). It amazes me that God lets us partner with Him to create eternal souls-- it's marvelous the way that each person He makes gives yet another unique perspective on the amazing God Who makes us all in His image. God teaches me so much through these children, these blessings, these little one-of-a-kind souls.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I am so excited to meet this new little man and have him be a part of our family.


Sanders said...

Love the lyrics - Love the new look for the blog!

Mrs. David Hankins said...

Right there with you! We just welcomed our newest little one on Monday and are loving every minute! Thanks for sharing the song!

Emily said...

I just recently found your blog and have been enjoying reading it. I just had to comment today because my little boy's name is also Moses Henry! I just thought it was neat to see someone else choose the same name.


Candra Georgi said...

We have three boys. Nation (4), Solomon (2), and our newest is Moses (3 mths). So neat that you chose Moses!

Lisa said...

Thanks for this! My little boy (#2) is due 7/14, so your recent posts have really resonated with me. We've been through major transitions and moves through this pregnancy (I'm on my 3rd OB!), and your excitement has helped me get more ready for the wonder of welcoming our little man.

Jess said...

It's fun to hear about other little guys named Moses! I've only ever known one other Moses, a guy I went to elementary school with.

Congratulations to all you other mommas who have welcomed or will soon welcome little ones into your home! :) What a special time!

Tara said...

Hope you enjoy the time you have left being in one piece... but even more exciting - thinking about being in two. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful isn't it? what you write resonates with me too, i have a new daughter who is 7 weeks already! the time really flies, it's crazy. enjoy those sweet newborn noises, the sighs and squeaks, they are so precious!


Melissa said...

I'm wondering if Moses has been born yet! I am playing the "waiting game" right now, too...my 3rd baby is due July 4.

Jess said...

No Moses yet! Had an appointment yesterday and nothing looks pending. I'm having an opportunity to exercise patience, it appears. :) Best wishes for your delivery!

Tammy L said...

Congrats on your new little guy! :) I love your blog, when you have time to write, though I rarely comment. :)

Our littlest guy is named Moses also, although we chose the Hebrew form Moshe. :) Such a great name! :)