Waterdeep Speaks to My Heart Once Again

I love the band Waterdeep. The main two musicians are married, Don & Lori Chaffer... and they write such real and interesting music. Here are the lyrics from an old song they wrote that is speaking to my heart right now- just where I am. I hope it will encourage your heart, too. It's called "Learning How to Rest"

Learning How to Rest

by Don Chaffer

I came around the corner
Of the outer edge of town
You were standin’ in the center
There were people gathered all around
I’d never get through this crowd
You know my heart went kind of numb
But You smiled when You saw me
And You beckoned me to come

So I struggled through the pressing mass
I had a thousand things to say
But I was sure Your ears were flooded
There was just too much in the way

But then You said to me
Come away by yourself to a lonely place for a while
Well, I’m sure you’re tired
You know, I cannot even see your smile
There’s just too many people here
Why don’t you come and be with me
Then you took my hand
And we headed out for the sea

I got here late this morning
You’ve been gone since the other day
They took You to the tomb
But I guess we all go there someday
I came out here to get away
To get some time to think
Nothing’s making sense right now
I feel like I’m on the brink

Then on the distant shore
I hear one strong voice say
That side is yielding nothing
Cast your net the other way

It was You- and You said to me
Come away by yourself to a lonely place for a while
Well, I’m sure you’re tired
You know, I cannot even see your smile
There’s just too much confusion here
Why don’t you come and be with me
I asked You, "where are we going?"
You simply told me that I'd be free

You know things get hard and the world’s not stopping for me
But I know now what to do and I know where I need to be


And then here are the lyrics from a fairly new song Lori sings (oh, how I love her sweet voice) that is so precious for the weary soul:

Perfectly Fitted

Come to me
All who are weary and burdened
And I will give you rest
Put my yoke
Upon your shoulders
It might appear heavy at first

But it is perfectly fitted
But it is perfectly fitted
But it is perfectly fitted
To your curves

Learn from me
For I am gentle
And humble of heart
When you are
Yoked to me
Your weary souls will find rest

For my yoke is easy my burden is light
My yoke is easy my burden is light

And it is perfectly fitted
And it is perfectly fitted
How it is perfectly fitted
To your curves

I love music. I especially love thought-provoking, heart-touching music... I don't want to just "jam" to a nice beat or enjoy the sound. I want something that touches me at the soul-level, and Waterdeep's music consistently does just that. Just thought I'd share.


Anonymous said...

Waterdeep ministers to me through music, too. I don't find many other women who enjoy their style. Nice to meet you!

FreeIndeed said...


I don't know who the quote is originally by, but my mom used to tell me that "music can sooth a savage beast or incite a nation to riot".

While I do like to just feel the rhythm of music at times, I equally pleasure in the lyrics of certain songs.

Lori said...

You had me with the homeschooling and housewife stuff. You even have a link to a cloth diapering website and then I stumble upon a rave post for Waterdeep!!?!?! I like you.

Do you have any other music that reaches the "soul-level"???

Jess said...

Free indeed,
I didn't mean to say that I don't like good-sounding music. I do. But when I'm feeling down or discouraged, or when I'm feeling thoughtful, I find that I need *meat* in my songs in order to listen to music- or else it just becomes a mood-continuation.

Waterdeep speaks to me when I'm at my lowest points and then ministers to me and encourages me back towards the Father. I love that about them.


Jess said...

Your comments cracked me up. Soul level music is hard to find... I don't find it among any one band or artist the way I do with Waterdeep...

But I find things here and there that speak to me. Caedmon's Call's stuff (especially recently- Share the Well is so great) can be good. Charlie Hall's personal stuff can be good. And then honestly, I find that a lot of U2's music speaks to my heart... you don't have to look hard to find spiritually-intense and challenging songs among their albums.

But no Christian bands (that I'VE found) are as musically gifted and lyrically authentic as Waterdeep. Sorry. :(