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This may be the most random and lengthy "Show and Tell" in Making Home history, but I'm trying to do a brain dump and clear out my bookmarks. So, you all are the beneficiaries of my desire to downsize my bookmark folders. :)

Conservative Talk Radio, Journalists and "Conservative Leaders"Clearly, these guys didn't predict anywhere close to what has happened. Giuliani and Thompson were supposed to be slugging it out right about now. And both are near the bottom of every poll and primary. The most interesting campaigns are those that have come out of nowhere: Huckabee- no one saw him coming; McCain- remember all the articles in the summer and fall about him flying solo to events because he was out of campaign funds?; and Paul- the "fringe" candidate who has raised tons of cash. Though there's still no clear winner (the next two weeks will be interesting, though), one thing is clear: the media got it wrong. And the conservative media is still waging war against all the guys that the Republican voters actually like. Here are some articles you may want to check out, if this is interesting to you.


  • Should young women take time to prepare for marriage?
  • The Bayly brothers offer sage advice for fathers with adult daughters:
    Yes we are to protect... It's our God-given duty. But protection begins at birth, not puberty. Training begins before our daughters can speak, not when they're giving their hearts to a man.
    ...Yes, we have a duty to counsel--and ultimately to give her hand in marriage. But if we suddenly stand and act as men only at the point of romance, when our daughters' hearts are being claimed by others, it's too little too late. The cows are already in the pasture, there's no sense rushing to close the gate.
  • Congrats to my friend, Renee, on the adoption of her two sons from Ghana! I'll share two posts with you that have touched my heart as they've brought these boys into their family: FIRSTS- all the things her new sons are experiencing for the first time; and SIMPLE ADJUSTMENTS- some other insights into adjusting to one another in adoption.
  • Congrats to my friend, EmmyJ, on her continuing weight loss! Check out this post with all her "goals" and her progress so far... it's inspiring!


And then, a little humor-- well, this is funny to me, anyway:

Amy writes, "Why I Write in Generalizations".

[Personal note: I am constantly amazed (and I'll admit, sometimes irritated) at people who come onto my blog and then make it their mission to comment about posts that don't apply to them... and harangue me for not making every post all-inclusive to everyone who might read it. Sometimes I want to say, "if you're against everything that has to do with being a biblical Christian woman, then why are you reading my blog?" Or simply, "I don't have time to list all the possible exceptions to every biblical ideal/principle in every post that I write." Amy handled it much better than me. ] :)

Blessings to you all and HAPPY READING!!!


Domestikate said...

Hi Jess,
I just stumbled on your blog this past couple of weeks. I feel I have found a kindred spirit! You are able to vocalize what is in my mind :)

Anyway, thanks for the homeschooling links. My DH and I decided that we will start homeschooling our two boys in the fall (ages 9& 11) and our daughter when she reaches school age. I have been looking for any advice and encouragement for late starters. The links you provided will certainly help me in my preparations.

I also read the Santa Claus link. This is what we always taught our kids from the beginning. They have never felt deprived or left out, just curious why other parents aren't truthful.

God bless and keep up the great posts,
Kate from WI

Erin said...

Just a quick thanks for the show and tell posts. I always look forward to them and love the differnt articles you highlight, which I probably would other wise wouldn't have found.

Crystal said...

Jess, I love the Father/Daughter quote. Can't wait to check out the link.

CB said...

Great links. I especially liked the Huckabee/Establishment/Media articles. And the "quick and easy meal." Oh, and the Santa Claus post ...

Regarding Huckabee and homeschoolers, my untested opinion is that some homeschoolers don't support any type of public education and don't trust those who do.

Terry said...

Jess, thanks for linking to my little blog. You hae some wonderful articles linked here. I enjoyed the father/daughter article, as well as "my mother, the feminist". I eventually hope to take a peek at most of what you linked to. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess-
The Go Green, Breastfeed article was really interesting-- except that I think I would be a little uncomfortable if a stranger admired me nursing. :)

It's nice to read stuff like this. My sister-in-law and I were talking about childbirth a while ago, and she was horrified that I want to do natural childbirth. "They make medicine for that" is what she said. *sigh* It's nice to know there are like-minded people out there.


CappuccinoLife said...

Oh I wish I had time to read all those articles.

I picked you for the Excellence Award, so come over and pick it up. :)

freshfloralart said...

Did I miss a link to natural child birth? I am really interested in this and would love to read some biblical perspective or at least the opinions of some biblical women who hae had a natural childbirth.
Great Post! My bookmarks just doubled!!

Anna S said...

Hey Jess. Thanks for linking to me! I apologize for not having been around lately (if you want to know why... well, just hop over to my blog when/if you have some spare time! ;))