Seek Wisdom (Trail Blaze #10)

And wherever you find it, grab ahold of it, and prize it.

The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdomand whatever you get, get insight.
Proverbs 4:7

Aside from Christ, there is no one human who has all wisdom. So decide in advance that you won't fault someone for not having all wisdom-- because no one ever will.

But there are many, many people around you right now who have some portion, however big or small, of wisdom to offer you. Seek them out. 

Invite people to dinner. Talk with people before or after church. Be receptive to them, and tune your ears to hear the lessons they've learned. Pay attention, and listen to how they interweave Scripture into their opinions, decisions, and lives. Seek to learn from them.

Take time to really get to know people. When they share the difficult stories of their life, tune in. Ask questions, and then really listen.
  • "So how did you handle that news?"
  • "What have you learned about parenting sons?"
  • "I don't know if I could do that. How did you make that decision?"
  • "Has God ever given you any answers or closure about that?"
  • "Your teens seem really well-grounded. How have you raised them to have good heads on their shoulders?"

Don't be a person who digs in your heels and refuses to learn from others. It really doesn't matter how much they are or aren't like you, or whether or not their life is anything like yours... everyone has lessons to teach if we are willing to hear and learn.

Purpose now that you will learn and grow from the lives of others.  

God is at work all around each of us. Stop. Listen. Look around, and find the wisdom He has put within your reach.

Hear what the people around you share, and apply it to your life, even if not all of it fits. The principles of wisdom will apply to your life, even if precise methods or details don't always line up.

God did not design us to be islands, self-sufficient, and floating through life without connection. 

We need one another, and we need to be humble enough to admit it, and to seek wisdom in the human packages God puts in front of us. (TWEET THAT.)

  • Who has God put in your life that you can seek out this week? 
  • Share in the comments what you plan to do to seek God's wisdom in the human packages around you.

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