Looking For Educational DVDs?

I just found out that these two DVD sets are crazy cheap (only $5.99 EACH, for each entire series) right now on Amazon, so you may want to snatch them up:

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? - The Complete Series

Liberty's Kids - The Complete Series

These are great programs to supplement your homeschool (for geography & American history), or to have on hand for rainy/sick days. We have Liberty's Kids (I paid about 10x as much as this sale price for our set years ago), and the kids LOVE it, but I'm getting Carmen Sandiego today to add to our educational DVD stash.

Another series I keep on hand as a super-fun educational science DVD series is The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series. (Heads up- there are maybe a handful of episodes that include references to things like vampires, ghosts, etc. We just skip anything creepy, and the kids know not to watch those episodes that might freak out little ones. It is only a few episodes, and the science value of the series in my opinion FAR outweighs any concerns, especially since they are easily skipped.) My kids 2 & up LOVE The Magic School Bus and I often hear them referring to things they've learned in it (habitat, ecosystem, "symbiotic" relationship, red blood cells, etc.), so I thought I'd recommend it to you as well, in case you want to stock up on good quality educational DVDs.


Kacie said...

thank you! Just bought both. I think these will be handy for us right now, as I have a newborn! :)

Jessica B. said...

What? That's a crazy price!
Thanks for sharing!

Sheila said...

The Magic School Bus series is on Netflix now!

Sheila said...

The Magic School Bus is on Netflix right now :)

Erin said...

Hey Jess,
Do you or any of your readers recommend any bible-based videos for little ones (age 2-4)? For those times when you just really need to turn on a video, I figured they might as well be learning about Scripture. The only ones I hear about are Veggie Tales--are they any good?