Encouragement For the First-Time Mom

Just today I was reminded of the baby shower of a dear friend of mine. She is a gem of a gal and though I missed her wedding while we lived abroad, I was able to attend her first baby shower. Wise woman that she is, she asked for all the moms in the room to shower her with encouragement and advice as she moved into this new phase of life.
Here is what I shared with her that day. I hope it will encourage you, too:
"When the days get hard (and they will), and the nights get hard (and they will), it helps me to remember that God is sovereign. 
Out of all the people in the universe that have ever lived, He sovereignly placed you as the mother of this baby. He hand-selected that baby for you, and hand-selected you for that baby. Out of all the potential combinations of people that could have been in your family, this is the one He ordained.
So when you feel overwhelmed, stressed, unsure, exhausted, or like you can't do this, no matter what you're facing, take comfort in knowing that the all-knowing, all-seeing sovereign God ordained this. He is good and wise and trustworthy. Knowing everything that would happen, from beginning to end, and knowing everything about you both, He made you for that baby, and that baby for you.
Lean on and trust Him more than anything else. He's so faithful and as you seek Him, He will guide you into all wisdom and give you all that you need as you raise that sweet baby."


Anonymous said...

You are SO right with this post Mrs Connell. My husband and I welcomed our first child in March and it has been a steeplelearning curve. But we are continually blown away at how perfectly he brought our family together. His big personality and his adorable little quirks are just perfect for us and our nature as parents has been designed for him and you can just tell. God doesn't make mistakes and His design of our family proves that to us daily. Mrs Marshall

noregretsliving said...

I just became a mom again for the 2nd time a week ago and my advice is "Learn to be okay with crying!" I remember feeling so panicked and helpless when my first cried that it caused me way more stress than it needed to.

Certainly try to figure out why the crying - hunger? Gas? Tired? Or whatever it is. But also understand that babies cry. They just do. And while I don't advocate ignoring, I also suggest accepting it and not let it rattle you too much! That causes everyone to be more stressed out!