How To Find Thought-Provoking Links & Ideas

I'll just come out with it: I finally bit the bullet and joined Twitter.  

Something I said I'd never do, haha.

And yes, I really meant "never" when I said it back then.  The whole thing sounded so stupid and self-absorbed.

But since joining a few weeks ago, I'm finding it to be quite useful as a tool for keeping up with news events and theological rumblings.  I can cut out the "noise" of news I'm not interested (hello, sports world, entertainment "news", & celebrity newsies, I'm talking to you... no, Twitter, I do not want to follow anyone named Bieber, Kardashian, or Timberlake), and listen to more of what's happening from folks I do like to listen to (people like Randy Alcorn, Mary Kassian, Al Mohler, James Scott Bell, Russell Moore, &a Sally Clarkson).

An additional benefit of Twitter-usage for me is that instead of creating mega-posts filled with 8 gazillion links, I can share thought-provoking links with readers in real time.  

That's where you come in.

I've decided to stop putting together my massive link-fest Show & Tell posts.  They served their purpose for a season, but with six kids to educate and chicken coop-building and novel writing, I am no longer willing to commit the time to storing up links and putting those posts together, when I have a much more immediate option available to me.

So this will be my last official "Show & Tell" post.

Instead, I'll just share direct to Twitter.

Many readers used to tell me the Show & Tell posts were your favorites, so, in lieu of me putting those out, you can just hop onto Twitter and follow me if you're interested in continuing to see those.

I even made a Pinterest board called "Figuring Out Twitter" for myself and others who may be (understandably) gun-shy about using Twitter.  There, I've pinned a few quick tutorials on how and why to use Twitter.

I also share my favorite links and ideas through my Pinterest pins.

You know me, I'm an ideas and words girl.  While Pinterest is fun for house fix-up ideas and DIY tutorials, I love to use it as a place to spur myself and others on toward spiritual and intellectual growth.

My most popular Pinterest boards for sharing ideas are:

So there you have it.  Now that I've upended my views about Twitter, those are the places to catch the links to my favorite articles & ideas.

Please follow me on Twitter and jump into the stream of thought-provoking links and ideas.  I'd love to see you there.


Beth Celestin said...

I've been on Twitter for a while, but for me being "on" twitter means I have log in information! I'm so intimidated to use it for some reason. But if you're jumping in, then I am to!! :) See you there!

Catie said...

Well, I LOVED your Show and Tell posts, but now I'm following you on Twitter. :) I don't really know how to use Twitter. Honestly, my life isn't very exciting, so I just end up sharing what everyone else is tweeting or saying. :) Which is perfectly fine with me!

Jess said...

Catie! I tweeted your article about "you must do very well" just yesterday. Great article!

Miranda Hupp said...

I got Twitter a few months ago. It kind of annoys me. Maybe I just can't get the hang of it. It feels like a bunch of advertisements and people carrying on conversations with themselves. lol! I will follow you though. :)