Show & Tell: All About Writing

Well, I've written here at Making Home for nearly 7 years now... and last month, I completed my first novel (and am preparing to jump into my second), so I'm spending time these days learning and thinking about writing.  Writing fiction, in particular.

That picture ---------> is from last weekend, when I received the five printed copies I'll use for in-house editing before I try to shop it out to publishers.  Definitely a thrilling moment!!

I pursued a writing minor in college, and while I did a little creative writing (mainly poetry), I most enjoyed editing and business writing (grant writing, proposals, professional presentations).  Novels weren't my "thing", or so I thought.  Until very recently, I had spent basically *NO* time thinking about writing elements like pacing, character development, plot, and conflict.  But now I'm playing catch-up.

Here are some links I've found helpful as I think about writing.  I hope they also encourage you, whether you are a writer, or just a person who loves to learn about interesting things:

Hope this is helpful for you.  I always love pointing people in the direction of great resources!


julie said...

Hey! I don't even know you, but I am excited for you! How fun to get published! Will there be copies on Amazon/for kindle? Am in Asia myself but it would be fun to read your first printed work!!

From Julie

Ruth said...

That is a HUGE accomplishment for a mother of six children in the home! Wow! Congratulations. Our sixth baby is due August 10th, and I am counting the days. :)

Jess said...

how exciting!! I hope to read it one day!

Amanda said...

What an awesome accomplishment and exciting time! I'm so happy for you! As an aspiring writer myself, I can only imagine the absolute thrill that it must be for you to hold your first book in your hands!

I love your blog, and I am still bumbling through this new world of blogging myself, but it has been such a pleasure reading yours! Congratulations, again!

Catie said...

So exciting! :) And inspiring! Can't wait to hear more or read it!