Show & Tell: It's Been a Long While

Well, this is a favorite type of post for me, and for many of you-- when I share noteworthy articles, recipes, ideas, jokes and/or favorite links.  Here's a recent picture of our family... and now, let's dive into the links, shall we?


  • Just made my favorite banana bread this afternoon... ripe bananas at the farmer's market this morning were $1.00 for 2 bunches, and then she ended up throwing in 2 more bunches... we had something like 15 or more bananas, all ripe or even starting to brown.  This banana bread is absolutely amazing... if you need a new easy go-to recipe, this is a GREAT one.
  • Last week, I was on a Chinese Green Beans kick, so I wrote out the recipe.  They are so addictive.


Happy reading!  :)


Ruth said...

What a beautiful family, Jess! The children are all growing so much. You all look great!

Julia said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog! I can't even remember how I first found it, but I wish you were in Ft Worth so we could have a playdate some time. We are blessed with three boys 4 and under, and are wrestling with the schooling question, so I appreciated the Dangerous Homeschooling link - and I cracked up at the breastfeeding one! Previously from a Sovereign Grace church, I appreciated your recent insights from your trip to CLC. And overall, your authenticity here is so refreshing! Thanks for encouraging me to pursue Jesus more in my home.