Impacting Eternity

I just found this unpublished post, dated 6/30/2010, less than 2 weeks before our 5th child was born. I don't recall why I didn't post it at the time, maybe because I wasn't posting as often back then, but I'll share it now. Since he just turned a year old, I'll share photos of our little Moses Henry enjoying his birthday cupcake. :)

(Written 6/30/2010)
...I've just been pondering these thoughts these last weeks, as I wait for little Moses to arrive... I don't know if they'll come out disorganized, but I just wanted to share.

It's hit me more with this baby than with any other just how amazing it is to wait for labor to kick in. Not just the finding out of the gender, if you wait to find out, or the learning of the size/weight/length data. Not just the first sight of that precious face, or those sweet early moments when "HE/SHE is HERE!!!", or the first feedings or special moments with siblings. Not just the early months of figuring out this new little person, or the parenting of him/her throughout their formative years.

But the fact that THIS IS AN ETERNAL SOUL!

I'm about to meet someone who will impact my life, and the lives of the people closest to me, for the rest of our lives-- AND BEYOND! For all of eternity, the things we do together, learn together, live together, and believe together will bring wisdom and joy, and ultimately, praise to the Father who created us all!

I'm about to meet someone who will teach me things I never would have known otherwise... and someone for whom I will be responsible. Because of him, I will grow in ways I would not otherwise grow.

I'm about to meet someone who will bring depth of joy and delight to my husband, my children, and our extended family and friends-- he will enrich the lives of the people I love most!

I'm about to meet someone who will have a unique fingerprint, a unique personality, and a unique perspective through which the rest of us can learn a bit more of what it means to be "made in the image of God".

I'm about to meet someone the world has never seen, and would not be the same without.

Like millions of mothers before me, I'm about to meet my son. But like no other mother in the world, I'm about to meet Moses Henry, my son. He is a unique creation of God, unlike any other... a precious, individual soul. For however long I live, for however long he lives, our lives will be intertwined. We will live and learn together and, I pray, both grow more like Jesus in the process.

I am just so excited to meet him. What a pleasure to do something with such enormous ETERNAL impact!


Ruth said...

Precious thoughts and adorable first birthday cake pictures! You are so right about growing in ways we would not otherwise grow because of the children God gives us. He is so cute!

Kati said...

Aww, this gave me goose bumps! So sweet and precious. I know I am just starting out but everything you said is true and I know Karlyn will shape Ryan and I in ways we could never have imagined.

Moses is so cute! said...

How precious! As most of what you write. I can't believe your little Moses just turned out ONE. Congratulations! I am so grateful to the both of you for sharing your memories about breasfeeding. They were SO helpful on my nursing journey! I also have a little one that is turning one in one week..and, has just weaned himself. I will never forget reading your chronicles while fighting the good fight of getting my milk down and training him to sleep thru the night. Your writings were so good that I shared the link on my very young blog: that is ok. Thanks again and keep on nursing our souls thru your writing! =)

Jessica G said...

I know why you didn't post this last year . . . .
because God knew I needed to hear every word right now.
I'm 5 days overdue with baby #3 and He used your words to fill/overflow my heart and calm my anxious thoughts.
Thank you . . . to you AND to Him!

Shaunta' said...

What a beautiful post. I love hearing your zeal for baby #5 with the heart of of 1st time mother! I just found out this week that I am pregnant with #5! I hope that the joy you shared will soon be mine as soon as I get over my fear (sadly of what others may think) and anxiety (of what it will be like to have 5, 5 and under). I have seen God bring us so much joy with our Mason (#4), so I trust that He has plans to draw me closer to Him with this new blessing as well. Thanks so much for sharing.