7 Quick Takes Friday - #24

Hope you had a good week; we sure did-
  1. We just got tons of shots and bloodwork done over the last few days. My left arm really hurts, but wow, the kids did great. The nurses went wild over their self-control and interest in watching all the medical stuff, even in the midst of their own pain... I think there is great value in teaching our kids to be realistic about pain (that it will hurt, but that we can get over it after the initial pain) and self-controlled in their reaction to it. We all benefit from a realistic perspective and a healthy dose of self-control, and docs and nurses greatly appreciate it from children!
  2. We have officially moved into the phase with Moses where I feel like I'm constantly walking around following his every move. It seems like this doesn't normally start so early, but maybe I'm forgetting. These times really pass so quickly, and I'm thankful to know that, because otherwise, I might lose my mind or give in and not bother. :) But it's so worth it to help them learn the "norms" of a home. No, we don't pull random papers off of tables or countertops... we leave remote controls alone... we don't eat plants... we don't shove marbles in our mouths. :) These things take time, but it's so worth it.

    Just to prove I don't always do this well, take a look at this picture to the right... Moses got up on a dining room chair and went nuts with a piece of jelly toast. :) He's a smart little sneaker.
  3. Ethan made some corn muffins this week to go with dinner one night, and was so proud of himself. And I was proud of him too. This growing up stuff isn't always easy, and sometimes we get emotional about it as moms, but it's so awesome to see them take on projects and succeed!
  4. I'm LOVING the counseling class I'm taking... already, I can see how it is going to be helpful for me as a person, to sort through the issues of life more biblically and intentionally. It is so helpful to be challenged and encouraged in ways that contribute to spiritual growth as well as effectiveness within the Body of Christ.
  5. Having already asked on Facebook and on an internet message board, I might as well ask here-- any thoughts on a Kindle vs. just saving up for an iPad and using the Kindle app? And don't suggest the Nook- I know it's cheaper, but it's not good technology for overseas use, and I've heard that dozens of times over from ex-pat friends, so if I go with an e-reader, it's going to be one of these options. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.
  6. I love this quote highlighting the importance of doing what needs doing NOW:
    "The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now." ~African Proverb
    I think as Christian moms, trying to take care of so many different people, soul care is worthy of our time and attention. Have you been trying to "do it all" or be "Superwoman", not taking care of your own needs? There will come a time of burn-out unless we walk hand-in-hand with the Father, letting Him meet our needs as we reach out to love the people around us.

    Let me encourage you to make time to take care of the part of you that is eternal-- your soul. Nurture it through reading your Bible, spending time talking through your issues before the Father and with people within the Body of Christ too. Take time to learn and grow as a person made in the image of God. Don't just mindlessly walk through routines or assume a "role". Let God do His work in you; submit yourself to His beautiful sanctification!
  7. Here's a great point I read recently, about the way we talk about the Old Testament law--
    "We forget that the 'law of Moses' includes teachings like this: 'The LORD, the LORD God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness and faithfulness, Who keeps lovingkindness for thousands of generations..."
    God is so good to us, and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Sometimes we hear nonsense about the "God of the Old Testament" being different... but God is God. His holiness and judgment stand as they always have (which is why we are so thankful to and obedient toward Christ), and His love never ends.

You can check out more "7 Quick Takes" @ Jennifer's Conversion Diary. Have a great weekend.


Janet said...

Thoughts on iPad vs Kindle... We have both so I can give you the pros and cons (and just so you know, we are overseas as well).

KINDLE: This is mainly mine and I LOVE it. PROS: it is light, it can be held one handed (and since I am still nursing #5, this is a big plus). Also, because it is light I can throw it in the diaper bag and have it with me wherever. I never know when I will have some time to kill. At home it always stays with my Bible and the two together are still very light that they can go places with me (I keep my Daily Light and Carson's FOR THE LOVE OF GOD v. 1&2 on my Kindle so my "quiet time routine" can always go with me when we travel). I also like that it doesn't have internet so that I actually READ instead of doing other things. It does have 3G which works great for buying books wherever. Easy one click page turning with either hand. CONS: No color, the internet applications aren't worth using (also a pro :)

iPad: This is mainly my husband's, but we have a Kindle app on it too. PROS: Bigger, color, reads pdfs (we have a great phonics collection that we use for homeschool that has free pdf's), has music, internet capabilities; basically you can do anything with it. CONS: We bought the cheapest one (because that was still a lot!) and so we don't have 3G. Since we live in a place without a lot of wireless, we can't buy books very easily when we are on the go. It is quite heavy. Can't really be held one handed for reading.It's more fragile, so we can't just toss it in a bag to bring with us wherever. Due to having internet, it can keep you from actually READING.

Pros of having both: You get the good and bad of each and my husband and I can be reading the same book at the same time.

Hope that helps! And if you are willing to share, I would love to hear where you are taking a class from. My undergrad is in psychology/counseling and I have thought that at some point I would like to take more classes. I just need something that works well with being overseas.

Amy said...

I have a Kindle and I really have enjoyed it. I can see getting an iPad if you're looking for more than just a reader, but for my purposes, I only needed an ereader. I would say that it's worth paying extra for the Kindle with wireless so that you can download even from places that don't have their own wi-fi. However, as I learned from my own mistakes, you should keep the wireless turned off when you're not downloading or it will drain the battery very quickly. Hope this helps!

Conn Family said...

We got a kindle because we wanted to read more- NOT get distracted by the internet and games. (Though the kindle does have some games, they are word games and get my mind juices moving!)

Jaime said...

I'm going to echo a lot of what Janet said... I have both. The Kindle is mine, the iPad is on loan from my job. An iPad w/o internet (i.e. mine that only has wifi) is just a pretty expensive paperweight. I love all it can do, but it's not a netbook, is not meant to be a netbook, and isn't a stand-alone, content-creating computer. It's a fancy reader/internet surfer/lots of fun games device.

I do love my Kindle - I can download all sorts of books on it, it has a large library, and is easily updated. My main complaint with e-readers is the ability to find that one passage you want to read again... I should probably get better about making notes on the device!!

Brandy said...

Hi, Jess,
First-time commenter. I've been following you for a little while now, and thank your for your encouragement. I have a kindle--because it was a gift! I love it cause we live overseas, and it's just great. We don't have an ipad, but I do believe I can compare in my own personal way. I like the kindle cause it's small, easy to throw around and carry everywhere. I like that it doesn't have all the options as the ipad cause my kiddos would always want to be on the apps and games. My daughter that uses my kindle only uses it for reading and it's a special treat, so I like that that's her only option--reading and not games and apps. If we did have the ipad, I know she'd prefer other options even though she loves to read. We already have more than enough of game, media, app, etc. opportunities, and I personally like keeping life simple and free from extra distractions--mainly the media ones. They already ask to play my husband's iphone too much! So, that's my personal reason. But, we may get an ipad one day as it's already discussed around here...it does for sure have many more options. And, we'll simply set up boundaries. For now the kindle is very sufficient and that's what we're happy with!

Missus Wookie said...

I have a friend who has both, she prefers the reading experience on the Kindle for many of the reasons above.

But the iPad is good to entertain small people whilst waiting, you can read pdfs and other things not possible on the Kindle etc. etc. as mentioned above.

They've ended up with both - the Kindle goes with her when she's on her own or with one small person. When she's got the mob she takes both.

Missus Wookie said...

Left your blog - clicked down some more hs'ing blogs... found a review on iPad apps :)


Charisa said...

I have neither a Kindle or iPad, but my parents each now have one of each. That makes for 4 devices for 2 people... I know. :)

They both prefer the Kindle for reading books, and they both love it especially when they travel, which is a lot. My Dad is a pastor and loves that he has multiple commentaries on his Kindle, etc. He has said that the way the Kindle is built it is much easier to read off for extended periods of time. Eventually your eyes get sore from the iPad screen, but the Kindle is different.

Jess said...

Janet, it's called "Dynamics of Biblical Change" through CCEF. (ccef.org) It's a distance-learning program and the credits can be applied to a degree program through Westminster Theological Seminary, if desired.

Kid Feed Mommy said...

The special thing about the Kindle is that it has the "digital ink" technology so that you don't strain your eyes while you read.

An iPad has a backlit screen, so you don't get the benefit of the special e-reader technology.

Deborah said...

I don't have an iPad, but I love having my Kindle. I echo Kid Feed Mommy's comment about the digital ink, and an added bonus: some (not all) flight attendants ignore the fact that I'm reading my Kindle during the "no electronics" takeoff and landing phases. They realize that having it on a page is really no different from having it on screensaver, which is its off position. (I do turn it to the screensaver and put it away if they ask, and always turn the wireless off when flying and whenever I'm not using it, but several flight attendants have seen me using it during landings and haven't told me to stop.)

Tanya Lourensen said...

Something else to be aware of...the availability of books when living overseas. As an Australian i do not have access to every kindle ebook listed in the US Amazon Kindle store. It is something to do with copyright and publishing laws. They are able to track where you are downloading from and will ask you for proof of your US residency if you attempt to download books you dont have 'rights' to. If you have an American based account and download from an overseas location you get hit with extra fees. I presume this would be the same with the Kindle app on the ipad. ( I dont know how registration works thought so it may not be an issue)

As an ereader. I love my Kindle. Its light and easy to read. The one click ordering makes it far to easy to indulge in some 'retail therapy' unless you 'buy' free books. :-)

Alot of homeschooling resources are in pdf format. The ipad handles pdf's much better and easier than the kindle.


Anonymous said...

I love love love my Kindle. :) I've yet to actually buy anything for it. I read a lot of classic, public domain books (which are all free) and pdf ebooks (just save it to your device via the computer cord). Also, websites like MoneySavingMom will often highlight free Kindle books, and I try to snag ones that look interesting. I also make pdfs of all my menus, complete with recipes and put them on there. And it's lightweight, easy on the eyes, fairly inexpensive, travels well...and all that other stuff everyone else said! As previously recommended, the 3G is a worthwhile investment.

I'll keep my iPad thoughts to myself. ;)


Breanne said...

Jess ~ I would love to know how you have worked with your children to have self-control in the midst of their pain (or fear of pain!). We have a 4 1/2 yr. old who really struggles in this area, though we feel that we have worked hard with her to learn to control herself in other situations. We also worry about the example she is setting for her younger siblings when she carries on and on with her screaming. Thank you for your input!

Anonymous said...

I too love my Kindle. I'm an American in Europe and I haven't had any problems with it. I even get free access to the Internet, as I have a 3G Kindle and it has an 'experimental' app for Internet. Since I don't have a cell phone, this is great for checking my email and looking up train times. Check if your country has this feature. Also, try to keep your Kindle linked to a US payment method and/or as a US Kindle. That can help get access to free books.

Hope this helps!