On My Mind... Approaching Baby Time

As I get closer to delivering our fifth child (yes, that's me at 35 weeks or so-- the pic is 2-3 weeks old), just as other times before, there are things I do, think about, or remind myself of in order to prepare for this new addition. So I'm just going to do a brain dump of the things on my mind. More to remind myself... but also to just share.

* I've almost fully stocked the freezer again this go-round-- chicken pocket sandwiches, taco pockets (the same idea but with taco meat inside), egg rolls, banana bread, chocolate chip cookie dough, several varieties of marinated chicken breasts, Louisiana Chicken Pasta sauce, it's all there. Yum. It's about 20 meals' worth of stuff, and I'm trying not to eat it all up before he arrives. :)

* The clothes are washed, folded, and ready. And they are CUTE. It's amazing how quickly I forget just how tiny a newborn is... I can't wait to see his barely-there chunkiness and floppy limbs and sleepyheaded cuteness all in those fun little onesies and sleepers.

* I'm re-reading Babywise, for what must be at least my sixth or seventh full read-through, over these last 8-9 years of my life. It's so practical and full of common sense... I'm looking forward to using it with another new person joining our family! And yes, of course, I know it's controversial. Regardless, for our family, it's been a great blessing, as I've shared before. But hey, as we've had people say, maybe we just got "lucky". ;) Anyway, I'm reminding myself of one key principle:
  • Shoot for full feedings. In those early days, as Ezzo says, "ditch the clock" and just focus on fully feeding that baby each time they nurse; try to avoid "snacking". In the first few weeks, just keeping him well-fed and stimulating my milk production will be enough to focus on. After that, we'll fairly naturally settle into an every-2-&-1/2 hours-or-so feeding cycle during the day. And hopefully soon thereafter, we'll all enjoy extended night time sleep as well. :)
* I made some pacifier keepers for my soon-coming little man. (I loosely followed this tutorial.) They were so easy and so much fun to make and are way cute; I can't wait to use them!
* Gas drops. Miracle juice. Instant-quiet-in-a-dropper. Whatever you want to call it, each time we have a newborn in the home, I'm so thankful for simethicone. It doesn't enter the blood stream, so it's safe for use throughout the day with even little babies, and wow- it makes a heap of difference (or has for our children) in helping soothe their little tummies. Which reminds me, I need to be sure we have enough in reserve or have my mom bring some more when she comes.

* Slings. I washed them and they're ready to go. Before my last baby, I'd only ever used those strap-and-buckle carrier contraptions, and though they can be handy for long outings or for dad's use, I don't know why it took me so long to try a sling. Anyway, last go-round, I made some for myself and just love them. I can't wait to have my little man snuggled in close when we go for walks or are out in stores. It's so handy, and living overseas (where people LOVE to touch and grab babies, and sometimes even walk off with them-- to go show their family or friends the cute little foreign baby), it's nice when they're still so little to have them a bit more inaccessible by keeping them close.

* Carseats in the van. Something minor on my mind: is it time for a new carseat configuration/seating arrangment? It's nice to have an older sibling nearby to reposition a pacifier or talk sweetly to the new little one, if need be. So we may or may not be readjusting the current set-up of carseats.

* We've now had three of those 4D face photos, and they are amazing. His little face is so cute! I can't get over the technology of these sonograms. Here, they do sonograms at every visit, and my doc is fond of doing the 4D face shot at each appointment, so we've gotten some good ones. I just keep staring at the photos and am ready to meet my little man, whenever he wants to come.

* As for me: we're now officially in the waiting zone. Yes, I'm past 37 weeks. No, I'm not dilating yet. Yes, I'm having mild contractions each evening, but no, they don't (to me) feel productive. He's already really low, in my opinion, so maybe things will start to move along. I'd welcome him whenever he's ready and healthy, but definitely don't want to artificially start things up at a time when it wouldn't be good for his lungs or when it would cause problems for him. So at this point, it's just a hot (we don't have A/C and man it's getting humid here!) waiting game.

Anything else I should be thinking about/planning for/something I've missed/something you want to share?


Amie said...

Hi Jess! I'm right there with you in the "waiting game." I don't think I had realized until now that we are neck and neck. I'm also 37 weeks, due 7/2.

You are much more prepared than I am. This is my third baby and usually by this time almost everything is done. We too still have to install (and reconfigure) car seats. I have no meals frozen. I don't have most of the supplies I need for our planned home birth. My to do list feels like it is growing daily. I am sure you are more ready than I am.

Just one question - DO YOU HAVE DIAPERS? At my best friend's last birth she had forgotten to buy them! Luckily we have 24-hour supermarkets here. :)

Jess said...

Wow, we are neck and neck! I DO have diapers, which I should have mentioned. Some precious friends here threw me a shower last week (it was so fun!) and loaded me up with size 2 & 3 diapers, which is great because I have cute little newborn cloth diapers to start out with but the older the baby gets, the more out and about we are and I like to use disposables for those times... plus at some point, I often just burn out on cloth diapers, LOL.

Anyway, yes, we're good on diapers. It's fun, Amie, to find someone else who is basically on the exact same time schedule!

Mrs. David Hankins said...

It is fun being neck in neck with people. I was due last week but still awaiting our little one's arrival. I've been having those light contractions for almost four weeks now, but they are doing something as far as dilating/effacing, etc. My midwife tells me that (in her experience) the more pregnancies you have, the more you body likes to work up to labor...just waiting for things to kick into high gear around here :D Praying your l & d goes great!


The Durham's said...

How exciting friend!!! I can't believe that I missed that you guys were expecting #5! YAAYYYY!! What a beautiful new gift.....we are thrilled for you guys:) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post and your organization! Thank you for sharing how the empowerment of the Holy Spirit can allow us to accomplish many tasks supernaturally. Praying for another precious child of peace for your beautiful family and please keep sharing your steps in the journey, because I KNOW they are blessing and encouraging mama's everywhere!! So excited for you guys:)

With Joy-
Stacy Durham

Candice said...

Praying for a healthy (and fast!) delivery and new little one for you!

Ruth said...

I'm pretty close behind you. I'm 35.5 weeks expecting baby number five. We are still settling in from a huge move, so I've been way more focused on unpacking boxes than on baby preparations. It has been hitting me that I better pack my bags and set up some baby gear pretty fast. Thankfully I do have some diapers thanks to the shower I was given last Saturday. I get really miserable by this point and am in the waiting game too. Please let us know when your little blessing arrives!

Mel Brewer said...

Just a note to wish you well as things come to fruition for you and your family. I discovered your blog several weeks ago, and wow, your words have been a such a blessing to me--and consequently, my family. May the Lord grant you a smooth delivery and a healthy child.

Jana said...

Babywise...that brings back memmories...it took some time but my boys became really good sleepers and still are now even in their teens. We also still have afternoon quiet time...seems like yesterday. Enjoy your new little one when he/she arrives.
God Bless,

Amie said...

Elizabeth and Jess, it looks like we have the makings of our own little club here.

We cloth diapers too. I have a pack or so of size 1's for the meconium days, and then we're good. Should probably go look those over soon...

And Elizabeth, your midwife is right. Three of my best friends are my midwives this time, and that is pretty much their experience too. Generally it seems to translate into shorter active labor because your body has already done some prep work! I like to think of it like cutting up your veggies earlier in the day so when dinner rolls around you can just toss them in the pot. Or remembering to put some marinade on the meat so it can just go on the grill.

Okay, now I'm hungry. :)

Praying for safe and healthy deliveries for us all!



Kelly said...

Love the photo of you Jess! I will keep you and your soon arriving little one in my prayers.
Love the new look on the blog too.

Sheila said...

So thrilled for you and your family, Jess! (I'm sneakin' over to peek into your life - 'been to long!)
Thank God for a new little blessing!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh this is uncanny. I used to read your blog, until (last fall?) you said you were going to shut down for awhile.

Just yesterday I was thinking of you, but couldn't remember the name of your blog to search, and then - voila - Terry links to you!

Congrats on the coming baby... hurray!

We used many of the Babywise principles too, and wouldn't you know we got "lucky" three times out of three, with good sleepers. (chuckle)

Glad you're blogging again.

Off to read the posts I've missed,


on the eastern journey said...

I'm so inspired. Do you have a US size freezer?

Jess said...

:) Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. I'm trying not to wish away the end of my pregnancy, and just take time to enjoy these last days or weeks as a family of 6. :)

Yes, our fridge & freezer are US-sized, thankfully... I know that's not the case for everyone living abroad!