What an absolute gift it is to be a mom!

Just this morning, I was playing "I Spy Eagle Eye" with our three oldest kiddos. And it was incredible! Our five-year-old is like a madman at this game... he tears into it and has found his match and dinged the bell before I even get a chance to glance down at my card. And I know that that sounds like an exaggeration; let me assure you that it is not. As he did this time and time and time and time again (this was the first time I'd played with him, though I'd heard Doug and our oldest son previously rave about his skills), I was awestruck. I don't know what he's going to be... a drafting engineer? An architect? An artist or graphic designer? A lawyer with a mind for catching the slightest detail? Some kind of skilled worker who can quickly assess what's wrong with an engine, pipes, or structure and solve the problem? I don't know. But this I know: as long as God allows it, I'll get to watch him grow up... and one day, I'll find out what God's grand scheme for this kid is.

For now, I get to get my tail kicked in "I Spy Eagle Eye" and marvel at the design of this young mind, and store up all these things in my heart, waiting to see how they will materialize. What an absolute PRIVILEGE.

[We leave for Cairo this evening, so I'll see ya when I see ya.]


Meggan said...

Too cool...
I loved how you described this special privilege of being a mom. ;)

Have fun in Cairo!

darci said...

that's so great. I love how individual each kid is , right from the start. It is fascinating to watch them 'turning into' who they're going to be. Have fun in Cairo! We just did the pyramids and ancient Egypt thru Sonlight this last year. have a blast!

Anonymous said...

I love moments like that too. One of my kids is very fine-motor-skills oriented, and I remember watching him carefully stack six wooden blocks (about 2x2 cubes) on top of each other shortly before his first birthday, without making his tower tip over. It was insane! I wonder whether he'll be a carpenter or a surgeon or some other job that requires precision work with one's hands.

Laurie B