Show & Tell: An April Blogging Bonanza!

Well, since slowing down blogging a while back, I haven't done a Show & Tell, and I know there are some of you out there who love these things. Lemme tell ya, this one's a doozie. So let's get right to it:










THE SHOW & TELL WRAP-UP: Good for a laugh!
As always, happy reading! And Happy May! :)


Sandi said...

Look forward to reading. Thanks for putting it together.

I also really enjoyed reading your homeschool post. Sonlight so appeals to me.....but not to my budget :o)

Liz said...

Always love your show and tells - I put a few of them on my blog to share the good stuff!

Laura said...

Jess, I just switched to non-disposable feminine products and I L.O.V.E. it!! I should have done it ages ago. Now that I've made the switch I don't know what I've been thinking this whole time. Duh!

darci said...

oh yay, i've been missing for awhile and how fun to come back and have all this great stuff to look at. and the Diva Cup rocks! I jumped on that wagon thru the Sonlight forum and have been doing my best to convert my friends to it ever since. :) have a great day. darci

BETHANY said...

That cheesecake *is* amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess!

I've enjoyed reading your blog for some time and am de-lurking to say thanks for taking the time to talk about the Diva Cup. Love mine. Highly recommend it.

Thanks for writing - I love reading your stuff!

FancyHorse said...

Thank you! I especially enjoyed Leaning In. I'm sorry your friend Elizabeth had to deal with unpleasant comments on her blog, especially on her child's birthday post. That was way out of line!

Anonymous said...

I have used the Keeper (similar to the Diva Cup) for at least 15 years and highly recommend it. I switched after learning about the dioxins in tampons because of the bleaching process, but I've also saved a lot of money and reduced waste.

Speaking of dioxins, most disposable diapers contain them. Also, many brands of super-absorbent disposables contain sodium polyacrylate, which was removed from tampons during the 1980s because of a link to toxic shock syndrome. I figure any chemical that shouldn't be in contact with my privates probably shouldn't be in contact with my baby's diaper area either.

I have read about concerns that disposable diapers can cause overheating in that area, which isn't good for babies.

Regarding blog comments, Jess knows that I take a very different view. To me a blog without comments is boring. If you care enough to tell the whole world what you think, expect some people to care enough to argue with you. I'm used to political blogs where people mix it up quite a bit and find many "mommy bloggers" to be too thin-skinned. The world won't end because someone posts a comment on your blog saying you're an idiot.

I never delete comments on my blog solely because they disagree with my views, and I do have a few commenters whose politics are very different from mine. I only delete comments that violate site guidelines (publishing real names, home addresses or other identifying information about people who post using a screen name).

In more than two years of blogging I have had only one or two really troublesome commenters--one seemed unstable enough for me to consult a mental health professional to see if I should be concerned. But mostly I've had no problems with the give and take in the comment section. I've also had other bloggers link to my work in an unflattering way, but in the grand scheme of things, who cares?

Laurie B

Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing these great links!

I love these posts!


Kelly said...

Thank you for all the links! I can't wait to dive in and start reading!

Tara said...

Thanks for all the links... looking forward to getting through them :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

I like the new blog layout :)
Love the links :)

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Wow, Jess! This IS a little bit of this and that.

I took the time to read the Steve Harvey article. I saw him do stand up back before he was well known (many moons ago- and yes, the act was edgy) That was an interesting article.

Ditto the Voddie Baucham piece. I think many Chrisitans have indeed stretched Proverbs 31 to a point it was never meant to go.

I also read the piece on the Debauchery of American Womanhood. Very interesting. I wonder what womanhood will look like as more of American culture is exported around the globe. Because unfortunately, it's about ALL we export these days.

Thanks for the interesting assortment of links.

Christine said...

I've only looked at a couple of those links so far (can't wait to read the rest)but wanted to comment on the menstrual cup. I am on my 3rd cycle with the DivaCup and LOVE IT! I'm only sorry I didn't find it sooner. I barely even notice my period anymore. I always hated tampons- they are so drying and irritating. I would recommend the cup to everyone!

Beth M. said...

I got a Diva Cup about a year ago and used it until I got pregnant - I love it! It's way more comfortable than tampons! I've also made and used some cloth pads, but I'll need to make some more before I can use them exclusively.

Laura said...

Oh... regarding finding books of the Bible using the table of contents -- I've cracked down on that with my 3rd and 4th graders! They're never allowed to ask what page Nehemiah or whatever is on and they're never allowed to look in the table of contents! So I'm doing my part to make sure they DON'T get judged later in life! ;) lol

Catherine R. said...

Cute layout! Very feminine I must say. I like coral-ish pinks.

Anyway, I have only had time to read one link, the one about giving babies the best start (allowing them to be born). Wow, I have thought this so many times. These post-modern mom types, argh!!!

"How is it that so many of us can be passionately concerned with a baby's entitlement to be breastfed or to be nurtured in a loving, sensitive way, but completely disregard her entitlement to life?"

Bravo! And LOL about the organic food. It is so weird to me how obsessed pro-abortion moms usually are with their little snowflake's well-being. I have totally noticed that.

"Hypocritical" doesn't really say enough. Maybe it's a guilt thing. Hmmm.

Mom said...

I love your new layout & design! Very pretty & bright! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

This is so trivial compared to all of the big issues you mention- but DON'T paint your countertop. we lived in an apartment where they had done that and the paint was always peeling up. They used the right paint, too- it just doesn't work like it's supposed to. It was awful. They had also painted the sinks and the bathtub and bathtub tile. This kind of thing looks great for a few weeks, and then it is just a nightmare. Anyhow, completely trivial, but thought I should warn you.

Jess said...

Thanks for speaking up with your experiences, TK. I'll pull that link!

Anonymous said...

Great links! I just wanted to mention that there are several other brands of menstrual cups out there besides the 2 you mentioned...the forum/community over at has some really great info and size charts. Just thought I'd mention it - thanks for bringing this topic up!