A Perfect Gift From a Loving Father

This week, I have been completely and utterly overwhelmed by my Father's perfect and amazing knowledge of me and our family and not only our needs but longings, and even the things that would suit us just right but that we'd never think to ask for. It is incredible (and yet should be obvious to us) how much the Creator knows His children and longs to give good gifts at the right time.

I have a picture story in my head about it and I thought I'd share it with you all.

The Father's Delight
Felicity had worked this job for years... it required constant time with people, nearly constant time in her car on the road, and rarely provided days off. The money wasn't great but she loved her job. Even on her days "off", because of how much of "her" the job required, she was never mentally having a day "off". Her ratty old hatchback had served her well enough for many years-- got her from A to B and ran faithfully. It definitely wasn't good for efficiency, her back often got sore because of the poor stuffing in the seats (it was coming out), and it didn't allow for long trips (it went through oil like crazy), but she couldn't complain.

She had decided to take her vacation a bit early this year, and she had only three more miles until she was home to visit her parents . Her dad would be there, like always, welcoming her at the driveway with a big smile on his face, ready to scoop up her bags and hear about her recent travels.

When she rounded the corner this year, though, she was immediately confused. Instead of her father standing there in one of his 80's sweaters, there was a beautiful new car with a big bright bow wrapped around it sitting in her parent's driveway. She pulled up to the front curb and slowly got out of her car.

Her dad watched her pull in and stepped out onto the porch with delight. "It's for YOU, Felicity!"
"Go look inside."
She stepped over to the car, slowly sizing it up and taking it in. "This can't be for me; it's far too nice! You must've spent a fortune."
"It's yours; and here are the keys to prove it!"

Slowly a smile spread across her face and she seemed utterly lost for a response. Lumbar support-- her back would never get sore again. Room for four friends-- plenty for the groups she needed to carry. Tinted windows-- no more squinting! Plenty of legroom. A place for the super-sized waters she hauled around. He had seen to every need and then some.

"It's top of the line for fuel efficiency, and I got you an iPod connection so you can listen to all of your music through the car speakers instead of your earbuds." It was even a beautiful shade of green-- her favorite color.

He had thought of everything and lovingly purchased a car meant just for her. "After years of watching you be content in your old hatchback, I decided it was time to just bless you through and through." And he did.

"Oh, Dad," she threw her arms around him and buried her surprise-ridden face in his chest, "I can't thank you enough!"

Her dad smiled. As a father, he delights to give good gifts to his children at just the right time.

I am that daughter, and God has blessed us tremendously in the location, layout, timing, and neighbors in this new home. I can't thank Him enough. I feel absolutely unworthy of His unexpected kindness to us in every detail of this new place.

The internet connection is spotty, so even if I had found time to write, I haven't had a connection long enough to write anything out... but my Father even allowed enough time on the rogue wireless signal I'm jumping on to let me type out this little story of gratitude.

He truly is a Father who loves His children. James says, "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, in whom there is no variation or shadow due to change." He is an unchanging, always faithful Father who delights in giving good gifts at the right time. It is not the gift I want to focus on, although it has come at an incredible time and is amazingly well-suited to our needs & life at this time... but I want to praise the Father for His gift to us... as I walk around this house, doing the daily things I need to do, using the gift He's blessed us with, I want to remain humble and grateful to the Giver of all good gifts.

Perhaps soon I'll share about the faithlessness I displayed just prior to my Father's abundant gift to me. For now, I just want to praise Him for it.


Kristen said...

I love how our Lord chooses to bless each one of us. I am encouraged by your response of gratitude and reminded to be quick to give generous thanks to the One who gives so generously. Still praying for you and your family during this exciting time of transition. Best wishes for the language study.


The Hayes Zoo said...


Loved your post.
Love your blog.


Courtney said...

I can totally relate to this in so many ways with the way God has blessed us lately! It's amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

"Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!"

It is gratifying to read of your news; it is encouraging to other believers but also it makes my heart happy for you!


kari said...

amen and amen. So glad you posted, I've been praying for you.

He is good. Amen.

Tanya said...

I am so thrilled that you have been so blessed. Thank You Lord! Looking forward to more posts.....

Anonymous said...

How wonderful, and how true. I can't wait to hear more. Praise God. :-)


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I love your story of how the Lord provided for you.

As to your faithlessness: Thank God for His word, as we are all faithless sometimes.

If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself. 1Timothy 2:13

Hope your family is enjoying your spacious new diggs!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy settling into your new home!

Laurie B