The Joy of Having a Young Reader in the House

On any given day at our house now, you're liable to hear conversations that start like this:
"Wow, so I eat a lot of protein, huh, mom?"

"Reepicheep is so brave, isn't he? I mean, he's just a little mouse, but he's braver than the bravest lion..." (stops to think) "... well, not braver than Aslan, but braver than a
normal lion."

"Mom, what does ______ mean?"

Because now we have a young reader at our house!

And it is so much fun... hearing him learning about all kinds of things, getting wrapped up in stories, and go back and re-read books we've read together. His younger siblings love sitting next to him while he reads them stories too.

What an amazing thing it is to see the world open up to him. It also limits Doug & I's ability to talk in code. :)

But on the whole, what a wonderful thing it is to have a young reader in our home! What new accomplishments are you joyfully celebrating in your home?


linda said...

My six year old is reading as well and she is my middle child, but each child that celebrates a new milestone for themselves is joyous.

Courtney said...

My six year old is reading too. She likes to keep her bedroom light on after bedtime prayers to get in a few more pages on her own. I've often seen her curled up on the couch reading out loud to herself or her little sister. And sometimes she points out words I might (unintentionally) skip when I'm reading to her!

It is such a precious time. If we want to talk in code, though, we need to use really big words!

Jacqueline said...

I am on my third reader now and it never gets old!

She just started to take off in reading on her own without prompting from Dad and I.

I told her she has caught the "reading bug."

Her older sister made her a reading bug star with glitter and ribbons. She was tickled pick.

Isn't it fun!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is exciting! My 3.5 year old recently revealed that he has several of his story books memorized. This means he is on the road to reading and that is just as exciting for me!


darci said...

that is great! i love it when they get it and the whole world opens up to them. :)
i so know what you mean..mark and i long ago lost the ability to 'spell' things..our daughter is a faster speller than us now. :)

Holli T. said...

It is wonderful, isn't it? My four year old just began reading with the Bob Books. It's like she's discovered plutonium when she distinguishes between Mac and Mat!

Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, Chronicles of Narnia... they are all patiently waiting for her. I can't wait.

Holli T.

Luke said...

Way cool! May that joy continue to grow, even if it does require you to find a new code [smile].


Monica said...

How neat!!! I can't wait for that day to come! Well....maybe I seems like they've been growing up to quickly for me lately!

Elizabeth said...

I have no readers, but I did at one point teach 4th grade. Part of the student population were refugees from Somalia and they were very far behind their peers for obvious reasons.

They were in a class of their own half the day for core skills and then they were in with the rest of the fourth graders for things like recess, gym, and lunch, and science because they were hands on.

I remember working with them on reading, always one on one, and I loved the sparkle in their eyes as their soft voices with that beautiful east african lilt would read..."the bunty would find it's mot-er"

It was like music in my ears!

Rachel said...

This is when the home schooling gets really fun. :)

gina said...

I remember when my children learned to read and I thought to myself "Wow! It worked! I actually taught someone to read! It really works!" I was a bit intimidated at the thought of home schooling--wondering if I could "do it" well. God has since shown me that He enables if I am faithful and diligent! He also does an amazing work! Now I am watching my daughter excel in college, and I still think at times "It works! I actually taught someone through high school! It really works!" And God remindes me that He did it all! I really believe that each of these accomplishments are big, Jess! To be celebrated! Because God is working and enabling, and that is HUGE!
Good job, Jess!
Praise You, Jesus!!

Claire said...

How fun, Jess! Congratulations to you all.

I was just reflecting on the fact that my kids (12 and 14) have really been hitting their schoolwork with enthusiasm lately. My 12yo is a late bloomer. Yesterday, he got some help with math from his grandpa, who helped him figure out how to think through a word problem. My mother-in-law said my son was running around the house because he was so excited at what Grandpa had taught him.

My 14yo daughter has been working really hard on her PACEs, and making a lot of progress. She's had some physical problems lately that have prevented her from doing a lot of work, but she's feeling better, and kicking booty! :) I'm thankful.

Sarah Pitts said...

This seems so silly to mention, but our 3-month old just figured out how to work part of her exersaucer, and also how to suck on her hand (on purpose). We are so excited and proud of her!


Hannah said...

Imagine my delight at moving into my "quad" with my young fam and seeing your picture on the bulletin board outside my door. I've read your blog for a year now, and seeing your face on a postcard was fun...and weird. Like the game Six Degrees of Separation. Anyways, just had to tell you :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I have to agree with this! My second grader is now reading out loud and I am enjoying listening to him pick up a book and read it to his three little brothers and sister.

The discussions are wonderful! Less TV equals more book time.

Jess said...

Linda & Jacqueline & Stacie,
It's so amazing isn't it?

Ours points out skipped words too (but I have to confess that sometimes mine is intentional). :)

Laura & Holli,
You're right-- it's such a great thing to see the little mini-steps that get them there!

What a great memory/story. Thanks for sharing!

It's so exciting to think further along like that... it is amazing that you've done that! It's so neat how He leads and guides.

That must be special to have family joining in the joy of it. And I'm glad for your daughter's progress; I know that must feel very sweet after times of difficulty.

You're right to be excited & proud-- it's so fun to see the amazing way that God builds and grows our little ones... even our VERY little ones.

Hannah. :)
Too funny. You know, that's happened with at least one or two other people. Us overseasers really are a closely connected bunch in many ways. But those particular connections always make me laugh.