Show & Tell: November Notions

Looking for stuff to ponder? Learn about? Be challenged by? Here are my "show and tell" offerings for November-- enjoy!

Thoughts on Blogging
Thoughts on Life With Kids:
Thoughts on Womanhood
Thoughts on Saving Money
Thoughts on Homeschooling
In the "Amen" Corner:
Enjoy... there's some good stuff here.


Erin said...

Wow! So much good stuff here - I have book marked just about half of them to return to later.
I could comment about so many things but just wanted to say thanks for sharing the Delgado's blog - their story is so heartbreakingly beautiful (the link about displaying Gods glory in the way you talk about ur kids)

Shannon said...

I have to agree - the Delgado's story is beautiful. I went to the photographer's blog and watched the video of the birth of Madison and Melody and of course I just cried and cried. What sweet and precious little souls graced the earth for such a brief moment - and how many lives their short lives will touch and point to God because of the attitude of their parents!

Brandy said...

First time commenting ... just found your site a week ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it so far! Just wanted to say thank you for sharing those links. Ended up bookmarking half or more of them to return to later and read.


Ashley said...

Thank you so much for these "Show and Tell" posts. I love reading new and interesting things.



Anonymous said...

We subscribe to the Atlantic, so my husband and I had already read that article on transgender kids.

Frankly, I am praying for everyone in those families. It's not an easy situation for any parent to handle, and reacting too harshly or without understanding could push those children toward suicide as young adults.

Laurie B

Anonymous said...

Oh Jess!! The Delgado's...what amazing faith! Their strength is amazing!!

Christine said...

I always look forward to reading the links, that you post. ;)

Catherine R. said...

I drank regular coffee, in moderation, through the last half of my pregnancy and my boy still weighed over 9 pounds. If the study is true I wonder if he would have weighed 12 pounds otherwise!