Show & Tell: Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

I'm gonna quit apologizing for the length of these posts and just revel in it. Confession time: Hello, my name is Jessica, and I am a link junkie. I LOVE passing on good links and it really lights my fire to see a bunch of out clicks on my sitemeter. So, here we go again. Show & Tell #50 gazillion. ;-)




  • CUT DOWN YOUR BLOG READING by learning how to use a "feed reader". DG takes you step by step, so even non-techies can use this!
  • A solution for those of you wanting a new blog design! BLOGS FOR A CAUSE - Nikki does blog designs and donates part of the proceeds to charities-- Woohoo!
  • Sorting books-- deciding which to keep and which to pitch
  • Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: This series looks GREAT for teaching basic doctrine to young children!
  • Librivox: Listen to public-domain books in audiobook format for FREE! (Especially helpful for homeschoolers-- you could listen to a classic work while doing other things around the home. Also available as a free podcast.)
  • Puritan Library: Challenging Puritan works in e-book format in their entirety online.


  • a daily serving of Engrish/Chinglish-- this is what happens to the English language when put on shirts, signs, store windows, and more in China. Having lived in China for a year, I find this particularly hilarious... but you might too. :-) [Note: very occasionally there are off-color items featured... but most of the time, it is both tame and hysterical.]
  • What does "crunchy" look like?


  • In case you are a young wife/mother/person who has NOT heard about this, it may be helpful. Flylady is a great online resource for cleaning or keeping your house clean. [Now, I should admit: I do not actually use Flylady. I am a Flylady failure... but that is partly because I was not motivated to keep it up when I DID use it, partly because I've lived in more places than I can count in the last few years and have just had to do whatever I could to "make it", and partly because I'm more of a clean-as-you-go and clean-as-the-Spirit-hits-you sort of gal. ;-) But many, MANY of my friends find it helpful. So maybe you will too. Plus I had to include a link that had something to do with the kitchen sink, OK?!?]


christy said...

Thanks for all the great links. I love these kinds of posts. Feel free to continue. I especially liked the one by Rebecca Walker.

Julie said...

Don't worry about being a linkaholic--you do all the hard work for us! I really enjoy these posts!

Oh--and I'm a Flylady dropout too. :) But it is a great resource!

Andrea said...

Don't apologize!!!!!
Keep 'em coming!!

Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

Great links as always, Jess!

Ah, I'm not the only with a "pornarific" blog then? ;o) Mine is my own fault though, for a poorly name post on modesty that I wrote last year. I titled it "are you lifting your skirt?" without first placing my mind into the gutter. LOL.

Kelly said...

Great links Jess, I don't know how you find them. I use you as a filter now. I don't even Google anymore ;-) I just read your links!

darci said...

mmm, i must put baby down for a nap and come back. forget the kitchen sink, lol. i think i'd be a fly lady failure, too. :) darci

Carletta said...

I just put a page on my website about free homeschooling resources and included LibriVox and a few others. I can't believe there are so many free resources available.

Here are some others if you're interested:

I still have a ton to add.

And I absolutely LOVE Flylady! I credit her with my ability to stay at home and homeschool. I was going crazy before I found her system, and so was my dh.

I have a question for you - How do you keep up with all these blogs? I am struggling to keep up with the few on my RSS feed, not to mention to blog on my own, lol!

Sarah and Ryan said...

Hey there, I am new around here. In fact, I can't remember exactly how I found your blog. Anyway, I have read some of your posts, and I just adore you already. I feel encouraged by your zeal for your God, for your family, and for your life. Thank you for being so diligent in posting on your blog. It is a great ministry. I really enjoyed some of those links from today, too! I guess I just wanted to say hi and thanks. Blessings, my sister.
With love in the Lord,

Tami@ourhouse said...

I love the links! Thanks for all the hard work you put into these posts.

Di said...

Thanks for the links Jess, I always enjoy reading what you have found - such encouragement!

Jess said...

I use bloglines and breeze through things very quickly... I'm a pretty fast reader and I skim things first to see if it's worth reading. If not, I skip it. I definitely don't sit down and read every post from every blog I subscribe to. I just don't have the time. But if it's something I'm interested in, I definitely DO take the time to read it and try to learn all I can.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm really glad that it's been an encouragement to you. :)

I'm glad you all seem to like the links because I love sharing them and seeing them be clicked on! ;-) So it's a win-win. Or, if you're a fan of the Office, a win-win-win.

Mod Girl said...

Jess, I'm here via Amy's Humblemusings. You are too much fun! I'm looking forward to checking out your variety of links and I am happy to have found your little place for writing (and reading)! Thanks.

Megan at My Heart, My Home said...

Hey Jess, thanks for all the links!
I found one for you that I think you'll like:

Jess said...

LOL, Megan, yeah we read about that the other day. Thanks for passing that along. :) I'm still interested to see what Huckabee does in future days.


Catherine R. said...

The "Judged" link is hitting home for me. I generally fall towards the conservative side and I don't think government aid to the poor is working very well or all that Christian of an approach and I've been writing about it. YET I am have a massive plank in my eye as I am on state insurance for my pregnancy and I'm on WIC too. I don't know exactly what to think sometimes. Maybe it's God's way of keeping me compassionate. I'm still not voting for Obama though.

As far as feeling judged, I don't really feel that from the cashier or whoever. I think a lot of people are ultra sensitive when they are on food stamps or whatever, waiting and expecting for someone to judge them. I would prefer for us to have enough money to cover our own costs but I think that's a pretty normal desire.

Anne said...

Great links! Keep it up... we all love it....

Jessica said...

Since a mutual friend introduced me to your blog, i thought we'd be friends if we ever met... we have similar ideas about family life, we read the same books, I'm also about to go overseas, etc, but now that I know you like the Office, i know you are a kindred spirit after all :)

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

good articles, Jess. I loved the ones about family integrated churches. We have been in one for over 13 years. It is a blessing being in a body where children are a part of the body and not ushered off to their own classes. It has been amazing to me, as my children have grown up in this church, to see how much they have learned from being in the service at such a young age, and also how little children learn the discipline of sitting in church. when people come to visit our church they are amazed at what they see in the family sitting together, are impressed/struck by it...but then what amazes me is that even though they are really encouraged by it, many times they will not come because they really don't want to mess with their kids during the service. They want that time alone. Oh...but what they miss out on!

Dave Carrol said...

Great links!

Jana said...

Thanks for your encouraging words, Jess! Thank you for you prayers.

The Ethiopian courts system closes every year for the rainy season--usually for about 2 months. :)

Anonymous said...

Regarding people linking to you or finding your blog for the wrong reasons:

The most traffic I ever got in one day on my blog was when I wrote something critical about Joe Lieberman. Hundreds and hundreds of hits started showing up from a website called What Really Happened.

Turned out that it is an anti-semitic conspiracy site (like the kind of site that thinks 9/11 was an inside job). As a Jew myself, I was quite disturbed.

Laurie B

Anonymous said...

By the way, I have read essays by people whose conservative Christian parents were extremely cruel or negligent, but I would not pass those off as an indictment of Christian families.

Alice Walker clearly was not cut out for parenting and has a lot of psychological problems, but to generalize Rebecca Walker's experience to all feminists is ridiculous.

Laurie B

Ticia said...

Very thought provoking stuff. Thanks for the links! I have personally made that bread and it is awesome! I make bread everyday and that is the one I always use for my white bread now.

Johanna said...

I always love the link posts you do! You never have to apologize to me! I especially enjoyed the China section of links here since we recently began the process of adopting a baby from China. Every new bit I learn about my future daughter's culture is so interesting to me!

Amanda said...

Well, I've only gotten through about 1/4 of the links so far! :)

I appreciated the article by Rebecca Walker; it was eye-opening.

I was also excited to see you'd linked to an interview conducted by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. My husband works just across the building from her at LAM. :D

I'm a huge fan of these huge linky posts! Thanks!


~Tami said...

I always enjoy browsing your suggested articles and links.

Catherine said...

Hi Jess! I have to come out of creeping to say - I love your link parties! Thanks! :) Catherine

sara's art house said...

Thanks for the great links!

LisaM said...

I don't get to come to your blog often enough to read all the great links and articles, but I'm always refreshed or challenged. :)

I came across an older blog entry on someone else's blog, and I remembered that you had sort of written about this topic a long time ago. It sort of has to do with the pornography issue, in that it concerns infidelity without actual intercourse, but is actually "emotional affairs". If you've done this topic fully already and seen this blog, or the book referenced before, then great! but if not, then I wanted to pass it along to you. I remembered that in the old post, someone remarked how her best friend was a man not her husband and that they were fine (it really struck me, because at the time I was wondering if I was just friends or in an emotional affair at the time). The link is: Lots of discussion follows.

Keep up the good work at sharing your good thoughts and links with good thoughts! - "Old Fashioned Lady"

Jess said...

Just want to say thanks for including me (author of Celebrating Womanhood) in your list. I appreciate your sharing it with others!

Jessica from Practical Nourishment