Just Had to Share...

... and knew you guys would understand. Check out my precious daughter getting all political:
That's right, folks! She's sporting a little "I Like Mike" shirt! :)

Oh, and check out our matching pink Converse:

How fun is that? I love having a daughter!!! :)


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

She's a smart little girl.
Now all she needs is a fake ID so she can vote! ;)

Megan at My Heart, My Home said...

I love the matching shoes. So cute :) And the tee of course. What do you think of Mike continuing to stay in the race??? I realize that with God all things are possible, but it's interesting what the press is saying. "He refuses to leave..." etc.

Jess said...

The press isn't worth listening to anymore. They've gotten it wrong every time. They could have and WOULD HAVE never predicted that the last three men standing would be McCain, Huckabee, and Paul.

I think that Mike has made it clear from the beginning that:
(1) he doesn't take advice from people who have his demise in mind
(2) he views this thing as a marathon and doesn't see it as over until someone actually crosses the finish line. Once McCain reaches the 1191 delegates, he's made it clear he would drop out.
(3) he's not interested in listening to the press and their analysis of his chances. If he had done that, he would have dropped out last Spring or summer.

Those are my general thoughts. It's never been about the money or the press... he's been in this because he believes he should run for President. Until someone else wins the nod, he has no reason to drop out.


Joanna said...

nice chucks!

Bobbie said...

Hi Jess
How cute is that???

Nancy said...

She's so cute. I really like the matching pink shoes. Little boys and little girls are each so much fun in their own way!

Jess said...

Don't get me wrong, Nancy; I love my boys too-- they just wore black converse instead of the pink ones... and it's fun to match!!! ;)

I'm definitely nuts over my little guys too! :)

Jaime said...

those shoes are too cute!!

Pepperpot said...

Hi there, I enjoy your blog! I haven't commented before but have to now because I just ADORE the matching shoes! I got pink converse for my niece for Christmas a while back, and now I may have to buy 2 more pairs! Great idea! :)

:..Rebekah..: said...

Too cute! I love her little t-shirt. Go Mike! :>

Catherine R. said...

It's nice to see conservative babies getting political. Whenever the average person says they are "political" here in Portland, Oregon, it is safe to assume they are anything but conservative. Hating President Bush and Portland Oregon are usually one and the same. I saw a baby onesie in a store here that had a screen print of Bush on it and said "President doody head" or something to that effect. Nice, huh?

Domestikate said...

Awwww, so cute. Now I am totally missing the same pink Chucks I gave to a church rummage sale a few years back... what was I thinking?!? I might have been postpartum at the time. I loved those shoes.

Nana said...


I love the t-shirt and your shoe picture. How precious is that!? She has the most beautiful smile!

Anonymous said...

I linked to your blog from a friend's website (some missy friends of mine). It quickly became obvious to me that your site (and most sites linked to from here) are geared toward women. Do you know of any sites of similar ilk geared more toward men? Thanks, Todd (thebigtask@yahoo.com)

Doug said...


I am "Mr." Makinghome; here are a few of my favorite sites:


A great site that truly runs the gamut from religion to politics to culture and, on Mondays, just neat links to things I would never ever run across.


Very similar to 'Outpost', but with less commentary and more interviews. Justin Taylor was formerly the Director of Theology at Desiring God Ministries.


In a similar vein to 'Outpost', with less commentary, but with more posts dealing with Christians and persecution outside of America.


From our home-town rag, this blogger shares a new perspective. He is a Christian, though not a Baptist like every other person in the South. He is a Republican, though not bothered by the same things as Big Business. We share some things in common ;)


Randy Alcorn's blog; read this and all of his books, if you have not already. Just wish he'd write more frequently.


Piper, himself, and even some of his sons blog here. Great stuff lately, especially with the conference devoted to Fathers & Sons.


Not being a Presbyterian, this blog is educational on that point. These guys are Reformed with a capital R and always offer shrewd commentary on current goings-on. Though, I did think they were over-the-top on Huckabee lately, but that is water under the bridge now, I suppose.


Also from our home-town, this guy is a prof at Criswell College and blogs with a younger outlook on culture, religion, and politics.

And finally,


Another run-the-gamut blog, but he finds some of the coolest vids and clips. This is where I first found the new Prince Caspian trailer!

That should just about do it. Hope you enjoy and are blessed!

Kelly said...

Ahhh, those rock, Jess! I remember we looked for some pink converses for our daughter, but she was a size three at the time and they were only size four and up. She's ready now, though. ;o)