Show and Tell: Gotta Love Voddie!

If you don't know who Voddie Baucham is, please allow me to introduce you to this godly man who is rising up to serve the purpose of God in his generation.

This man... (By the way, his first name rhymes with "Cody".) I don't know where to start. I got to hear him at a conference in 1999 (Passion 99) and have enjoyed everything I've heard from him ever since. He has recently released a book called "Family Driven Faith: Doing What it Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Will Walk With God." Having not yet read it, but hoping to get it soon, I think it is going to be a whopper of a book-- as a challenge to Christian parents in our generation.

Here are some excellent short clips and videos of Voddie talking about these various subjects, all addressed in the book:
(Could I ask you to watch all of them?! ... At least pick one or two and watch them- they will challenge you and get your mind a'churning!) Last night, I had a Voddie-on-YouTube bonanza!

Voddie Baucham. Here's a great collection of sermons & interviews with Voddie. Be sure to check out his new book, Family Driven Faith.


Tara B said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have never heard of this fellow before reading this post. I think he is great! I just bought his book, and downloaded two of his sermons!

Joytoday said...

Thanks Jess,
My husband even joined me to watch the Voddie you tube videos. We are North Texans and I have enjoyed reading your 2 blogs as your family continues the jorney on the straight and narrow. Your energy and intellect as a young mom inspires me.

Terry said...

While I have read Family Driven Faith (it's great by the way), I had not seen these video clips. Thanks for sharing them with us. And I agree with you: Voddie Baucham is indeed a much needed voice for this generation.

Brenda said...

OK this was the second blog this morning talking about Voddie. I have never heard of him, but I intend to listen to those clips later!

Mary said...

Hi Jess!

I am a fellow Sonlight mom and Voddie has changed my life! My husband and I attended a homeschool conference last spring and he was one of the keynote speakers. We attended every one of his sessions and left wanting more. We are sharing his book with everyone and are so thankful our pastor also heard him at the conference and is transitioning our church to a "family integrated" one. Thanks for getting the word out to others about his powerful messages!


Charley said...

Be sure to take the thirty seconds or so to listen to him recite "Put the baby in the Beemer." It is quite convicting about the priorities we set in the materialistic "Disney World" that is the United States...and the west in general.

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Queen said...

One more thing we have in common. I just love Voddie! He has a free audio sermon on his church's website that is just awesome. I wish we were close enough to attend weekly.


Keri said...


Oh we have enjoyed listening to Mr. Bauchum for quite a while; he is thought provoking and a man who uses words very well! I thought if you were still up for more Voddie video, you'd enjoy this clip:

Also, his family is one of the ones highlighted in the Return of the Daughters documentary, which is now out and DEFINITELY worth buying and watching.


Jess said...

Jazzy and Keri-
Thanks for the tips about other places to hear from Voddie-- I'm off to look for his sermons-- I love that! Maybe I can get a good collection in my iTunes to listen to (I listen to a lot of Piper, Driscoll, and A. Begg... this will add to my challenging collection!).


Jess said...

I'm listening to a Voddie sermon on marriage, and just HAD to share this quote:

"Adam? God just took some dirt, and he made him. Eve? He "fashioned". (pause) ... Thank you, Jesus!"


Joanna said...

Hello, I enjoy your blog; it's very encouraging. I homeschool four cute little girls so far.

I was introduced to Dr. Baucham about a year ago through the Quiverfull digest. They sent this link and his message sort of changed the face of my husband's and my approach to church and children.

There are two parts of his message titled "Home is the Key".

Charley said...

Without trying to be self-promoting...HERE'S a link to a post I did on my blog linking to the first sermon I ever heard from him: Closing the Generational Gap. He was tapped at short notice to be the keynote speaker at the Texas SBC Evangelism Conference...and this is what they heard! It's powerful!