Within 12 hours of my "Show & Tell" post, two excellent articles by my two favorite Christian authors/speakers were posted... and I must share them with you. They are both absolutely excellent and worth your time. Please make time to read them.

  • RANDY ALCORN writes about Pat Robertson's bewildering and shameful endorsement of Rudy Giuliani, an unabashedly pro-choice candidate, last week:


    He writes:

    Over the years, I have sometimes appreciated Pat Robertson, and often disagreed with him. Now I am truly saddened for him. I shake my head in wonder at what has happened to him and other Christians who once stood up for innocent lives and moral concerns, but whose devotion has now shrunk to social conservativism and Republicanism. That an evangelical spokesperson—though I’m not sure who Robertson really represents anymore—would turn his back on unborn children to endorse Giuliani, who f
    avors legalized abortion, is tragic... Continue reading here.

  • JOHN PIPER writes about the very phenomenon we've been talking about lately... adult-escence, or kidults (adult-aged people still acting like "teenagers"), and gives an excellent analysis that shows how the church should respond:


    Here's part of the article:

    "How Should the Church Respond?

    How might the church respond to this phenomenon in our culture? Here are my suggestions.

    1. The church will encourage maturity, not the opposite. “Do not be children in your thinking. Be infants in evil, but in your thinking be mature” (1 Corinthians 4:20).

    2. The church will press the fact that maturity is not a function of being out of school but is possible to develop while in school.

    3. While celebrating the call to life long singleness, the church will not encourage those who don’t have the cal to wait till late in their twenties or thirties to marry, even if it means marrying while in school."
    ... Continue reading here.

PLEASE click on & read both Randy Alcorn's & John Piper's important articles.


Sue said...


I somehow found your blog a while ago. You are very thought-provoking! I enjoy a good discussion. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog.


Queen said...

Great articles, Jess. Thank you for sharing them!


The Queen said...

Hi Jess. Enjoying your blog. I noticed on your profile that you like James Taylor. I have got to recommend a great Christian artist, Jim Cole. I heard him on the radio and thought for sure JT had been saved!! He has some great stuff!

I am running into lots of other "queens" in the blogosphere! :) What's up with that? Is this the Jazzy from the shed? ;)

Terry said...

I totally enjoyed the piece on "adultolesence". It was great. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Jess I completely understand what the term 'ADULTOLESCENCE' means. I just got off the phone from scheduling my first prenatal appt. The nurse asked how old I was (26) and if I had any other children (yes, ages 4 and 1). She paused and said, "Oh, you're young!" This drives me nuts! I so wanted to say, "No...I'm not making a career of college while living in my parents home and partying it up at age 26." But I bit my tongue and told her that I didn't think so. Looking back now (a whole 10 mins later) I should have taken the opportunity to share with her my belief that this my God given purpose...but would that have been appropriate?

Megan W. said...

Hey Jess, loved these two links. While it hurt to watch the abortion video, I think it just strengthened my pro-life stance all the more. Videos and images such as those are hard to ignore and demand answers. Thanks for sharing both of these.


*~Tamara~* said...

Since I am currently questioning the whole "adultolescence" scene, the Piper article was very timely.

I've been mumbling about it in WordPerfect but haven't put it on my blog yet.

Basically I just am trying to wrap my head around how we raise children in American society that aren't adultolescents. So much of our culture influences us and the way our society operates in some ways makes it nearly impossible to not buy into this philosophy.

My oldest is only 13 so I have a bit of time to figure how to to approach this, but not much. And in the meantime I wonder if we're doing damage to his independence and ability to function fully as an adult by age 21 or 22 (or thereabouts) by allowing him to participate in things that keep him childish, rather than grow him up.

I don't know.

I'll keep mumbling privately till I have some coherent thought on the matter. ;-)

Queen said...

Yep! Jazzy from the shed. And who might you be? I don't know about all this multiple "queen" business. Queens don't like competition. Haven't you ever read the story of Snow White? Would you like a nice shiny apple? :)

Mom said...

Wow. That is the first time I'm seen an abortion video like that. That was really hard to watch. That was an excellent article. We've got to realize how immoral abortion is, and start taking a stand. We can start by voting for a candidate who doesn't defend legal abortion.