The Powerful Benefits of the Word of God - Psalm 119

Reading through Psalm 119 today, I thought I would take this opportunity to praise the Word of God and remind you and me of all the benefits of the Word, as found in the Psalm.

It's a long list, but well-worth the time if you, like me, are needing a kick in the pants to make time for the Word of God each day! Please take the time to prayerfully read through the list and I pray it will encourage you as it has me!

  • Those who walk in the ways of the Word are blessed. (1-3)
  • His precepts are outlined in the Word so that we can keep them. (4-5)
  • When we fix our eyes on His commandments, we will not be put to shame. (6, 31)
  • His Word helps us to praise Him with a pure heart. (7)
  • A young man can keep his way pure by following the Word. (9)
  • Storing His Word in our hearts fights sin in our lives. (11)
  • He teaches us through His Word. (12)
  • As we delight in it, His Word becomes more precious to us than money. (14, 67-72, 162)
  • It gives us righteous things to meditate on. (15)
  • The more we delight in it, the more we will remember His Word. (15-16, 48)
  • There are wondrous things to behold in God's law. (18)
  • Though we are sojourners and things may feel foreign to us or we might not understand everything in the world around us, His commandments are clear and straightforward. (19)
  • Our souls long for His rules and ways to be put in place in our lives. (20)
  • Those who wander from the Word are rebuked. (21)
  • When powerful people plot against us, we can rest in His Word. (23)
  • His Word counsels us. (24)
  • His Word brings life. (25)
  • Prayer brings understanding of His Word. (26-27)
  • When we are sorrowful, His Word strengthens and comforts us. (28, 52)
  • Truth and lies are made clear and separated by His Word. (29)
  • His Word helps us to choose rightly. (30)
  • My heart is set free by His Word. (32)
  • As we learn His Word, we we learn to follow God. (33)
  • Our hearts will turn from selfishness as we turn to His Word. (36)
  • Our eyes will turn from worthless things as we receive life from His Word. (37)
  • Hearing His promises teaches us to fear and reverence God. (38)
  • His Word brings salvation and steadfast love to us. (41)
  • His Word gives us a ready answer for those who scoff and taunt us. (42)
  • Truth will be in our mouths when our hope is in His law. (43)
  • God's promises bring life and hope when we are afflicted. (51)
  • We will see wickedness for what it is when we know God's law. (53)
  • His law puts a song in our hearts. (54, 172)
  • Meditating on God's Word motivates us to quickly obey Him! (59-60)
  • God's Word is FIRMLY FIXED FOREVER in HEAVEN. We can partake of something eternal and lasting when we read His Word. (89)
  • If we are not delighting in His Word when trials hit, we are an easy target. (92)
  • His commandments make us wise. (98-100)
  • His Word reminds us to keep our feet from evil. (101)
  • His precepts teach us to hate evil and falsehood. (104, 128, 163)
  • His Word sheds light on our path so our feet can walk surely. (105, 165)
  • His testimonies bring JOY. (111)
  • "The unfolding of Your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple." (130)
  • His law teaches us to see sinners as He sees them. (136)
  • His rules show us His righteousness. (137)
  • His promises and rules are reliable, and last forever. (140, 160)
  • His Word gives us hope and confidence each morning. (114, 147-148)
  • His word gives us "great peace". (165)
  • Even when we go astray, His Word will be hidden in our hearts. (176)

What an encouraging list of reasons to get into the Word of God today, huh? I have felt my passion for His Word being revived as I've read through this Psalm this afternoon, and I hope it has done the same for you. Blessings!


Anna S said...

Jess, I needed to read this today... it's so important for me to never give up on my quiet prayer time, even when things are super busy!

Terry said...

Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement. Great post as usual. By the way, I love your insights and added you to my blogroll.

FreeIndeed said...

A stunning reminder...thanks!

musicmommy3 said...

Thanks for this one. It came on the perfect day for me. :):)

Di said...

Thanks Jess for this post - so incrediably uplifting, and I was nodding in agreement with most of the points as I have seen them to be true in my own life as I have spent more time in the Word. Wow!

Stacy said...

Thank you so much. What an encouragment for me this morning.

Anonymous said...

Jess, The 119th Psalm is by far one of my favorites, although I have many :)

Thanks for such a fantastic synopsis. I saved it in my One Note program (which is my new favorite thing!!!)

Lauren Hill

Christine said...

These were so encouraging and helpful to me! I hope you don't mind that I am linking to your blog. Blessings!

Jim Baxter said...

Dear Jess, I have for years indicated Psalm 119 as a great beginning for developing Criteria for Choice. The whole Word is advantageeous - but 119 is an excellent start.

The Reader will quickly learn that GOD has given us Criteria that humans cannot invent - anchored as we are in an ego-centric predicament until...! GOD's Criteria is Transcendent Criteria, and making choices by His will always produce marvelous results. Always! Amen