The Incredible, Edible Egg

I don't think I've told you ladies just how much I like the egg. Scrambled, fried, or on a sandwich. Omelets, french toast, dutch puffs. Used for extra filling inside lasagne & casseroles, or for a good coating on a pastry, eggs are SO versatile, so full of protein, and so delicious!

Here are some of my favorite delicious and easy egg-y recipes: Oven-Baked French Toast & Dutch Puff, and here's an article about controlling your appetite by eating the incredible, edible egg!

Happy eating!


Sunydazy said...

I just found and love your blog...I'm adding a link to you and I'll be back!

sarah chia said...

That French toast sounds oh-so-tasty. Wish I found this last night, since it has to be refrigerated. But I think I can eagerly anticipate making it next weekend.