Show & Tell: More on Frugality

Oodles and Oodles of frugals for youdles... so let's just dig right in:
  • MAKE IT YOURSELF. Causabon's Book, pretty much the most intellectual blog I read, has been writing a series of weekly ideas to save money (or maybe save the earth?... can't tell which cause all the ideas so far have done both... hmm... interesting...) Here's an excellent recent post about why you should make your own whatever. Not, "why you should make your own?" "WHATEVER!" (said in a Clueless, circa 1990's voice), but rather, why you should make your own ___(whatever)___.
  • MAKE A PRICE BOOK. This is a little notebook you carry with you when you go shopping and where you can write down the normal price per ounce, what a good sale price would be, and where you find the best deals on any given item. What an excellent way to save money on everyday groceries, by having a price guide with you to be able to tell when one store charges slightly more than another! Jenn, over @ Frugal Upstate, will tell you how to make your very own price book.
  • GROW YOUR OWN. Wanna grow your own food and just need ideas and motivation? Well hop on over to Causabon's book and get some ideas for growing your own food.
  • HAVE A FRUGAL DINNER TONIGHT. Frugal State Jenn has a great post with a wide variety of ideas for stretching your dinner budget.
With so many links, I can't verify that there's nothing offensive on any of these sites, so please exercise caution when following links off of the direct pages I'm linking to.

Blessings & HAPPY READING!


Anonymous said...

Ok Jess I am wondering if you have tried the unshampooing!? If so how has it worked? I have read about the dangers of shampoo but was never really sure what to do about it. What about kids? I think about it every time I wash their hair. I could imagine their face if I pulled out the baking soda!:)


Jaime said...

as far as the baby wipes go.... it's even cheaper to just use a roll of paper towels and a spray bottle of water. works quite nicely for babies who are allergic to the alcohol in wipes.

course, it would probably be more environmentally to use those baby washcloths instead, but that was just one thing i really just didn't want to have to wash!

sealjoy said...

I may have to try the baby wipes as I have two still in diapers, but we use so many paper towels anyway... I will have to balance the cost as we don't stock baby oil in our house... but we shall see. I too could use the washcloths, but agree with pp about not wanting to wash.. same reason i opted out of cloth diapers.. I just don't want that in my washer...

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

Thanks for the mention, I'm honored!

I would also say for anyone interested in becoming more frugal there are some new bulletin boards over at The Dollar Stretcher. It really is helpful (and a great affirmation) to interact with others who are also living frugally.

Plus the Dollar Stretcher is just a great resource-it's an online weekly e-zine about saving money. (

There is also the weekly Festival of Frugality online-I usually run a roundup an link to the full Festival each week (The Festival is posted on Tues). That's another great place to find various frugal blogs.

Good luck to the poster who inspired this article!

Christina said...

There are a lot of fun ideas here! I tried to grow a loofah sponge once, but it didn't work out. So I just grow tomatoes and flowers now.

The unshampooing idea looks interesting. We've just discovered "Baby Sprout" shampoo which does not have the offending chemicals, but is pricy. We may have to give baking soda a try.

Jess said...

I have not tried unshampooing beyond one time.

I did try it once about the time I posted this article, and I have to say I wasn't thrilled with the results. Maybe I didn't make the paste right or something, but I couldn't seem to get the baking soda to DO anything... and then my scalp felt totally strange, and my hair flopped. So, all that to say, I'm all for a lot of these ideas- but unshampooing may be one that I pass on.

Would that make me an ununshampooer? ;)