What Will You Be in the Final Hours of Life?

A friend of mine has just been told that she probably has about three days left on this earth. As a godly woman, wife, mother, and prayer warrior, she has led a full and lengthy life. My prayer is that she'll be strong in these remaining hours, strong in her faith, preparing herself for seeing Him face to face.

Her news has got me to thinking about what I would want to be like, if I knew I had three days left. Not in terms of, "I would have wanted to bungee jump and see the Pyramids...", but rather:

What kind of faith will I want to have on my deathbed?
An unwavering, constant faith... faith that would lead others to believe, faith that would cause my loved ones to be of good cheer, faith that would sustain me in my final moments.

What kind of Scripture verses will I want to be acquainted with?
Verses about Heaven, about faith, about joy, about strength. I will want to know them well enough to bring them to mind, even if my mind is hazy, even if I cannot read anymore, even if I am alone.

What kind of life will I want to have led? Is there anything I'm doing now that I will then regret? Are there things I'm not doing now that I will regret not having done?

I just really wanted to share these thoughts- you are welcome to share any additional thoughts, but I just wanted to get this out "on paper"-- a tribute to my friend, a challenge for myself, and an encouragement to you.

Lord, let each of us soberly estimate what our lives are today, that we will not look back with regret, having not lived cautiously and intentionally. Let us be all that you intend for us to be today, walking in the abundant life you offer, alive to Christ and dead to sin. Make us attentive to your will in all things, big and small. Make us aware of our own mortality, so that we will honor you with our lives.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Enjoying you blog :)
This caught my interest. My Mum passed away 18 months ago. She had breast cancer, and in those last 3 days knew that they would be her last. Her faith was strong. Her face, in those final hours, was peaceful. She even said to me, on that last morning, "It's ok for me. in a few hours I'll be singing with the angels, around the feet of Jesus. You, on the other hand, have a hard road ahead!"
I just wanted to share that because I wondered myself how I might be if it were me. I pray that my faith stays strong until the end, like my mum.
God Bless,
Sim (in Oz)

EmmyJMommy said...

Jess, I actually experienced a dear sister in Christ go through a lengthy battle with a brain tumor about 9 years ago. I watched her bravely and faithfully battle with all of her might. Whenever she was asked, "Why you?!" by someone, her response was "Why not me?" She saw the struggle as a gift from God...she lived everyday like she had lived every day before that...as a faithful servant. She had the sweetest smile and kindest heart. Her struggle was the beginning of my faith growing. I saw through her what God can do in someone's life...my hope, my wish, my prayer is to have the faith, courage and strength in my heavenly Lord and Savior to face any hurdle He blesses me with...because I know that I can do ALL things through Him that gives me strength.

Bobbie said...

Hi Jess
As I was cleaning Ms Neva's house,from church, this past Tuesday, I didn't know she would be in the arms of Jesus on Thursday. I was cleaning and saw her purse on the chair, her wedding rings on the vanity, her slippers on the bedroom floor, just as she left them. I didn't get to see her in the hospital, but I did get to visit with her husband, as I cleaned.

I thought about this post, and Ms Neva's husband was just as brave as if it had been him that was dying. He walked around each room as if it were his last.He was soaking in the last remaining moments of her life like it was his own. He spoke of her with such love and gratefulness.

I hope and pray that other spouses face this giant step of loss and perseverance like this husband.

Thanks Jess for listening.