Throwback Toys

Had I known that the knowledge of how to change Transformers from a car/boat/plane into a robotman and back into a car/boat/plane would be valuable information in my home as an adult, I would have paid better attention twenty years ago when my brother was playing with the first generation of Transformers.

These toys now consume at least a couple minutes out of everyday, although admittedly, it often ends with me saying, "I don't know darlin- I can't figure out how to do this; you'll have to ask your daddy."

And I also must admit that I've been somewhat regretting that initial purchase (made by yours truly) of the Transformers DVD, thinking that it would make my husband smile and be enjoyable for the boys. Little did I know that three months later, we would be in possession of an entire fleet of vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft Transformers. Not only have these toys become the primary toys of choice (meaning: the primary toys they fight over) for my boys, but they are incredibly time-consuming, as you have to perform a series of engineering feats in order to transform them. Even my son recently commented, "how do they transform so fast in the movie?" Ah, the magic of animation!

But then, this morning, I watched in amazement as my two year old son flipped out car doors and twisted axels around to transform a car into a man. And I thought,
"Hey, I might be developing a future engineer or designer. And it is pretty neat to see them playing with toys we remember from our childhood. Maybe these toys aren't so bad after all."


the blackwells said...

I have to say I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets stuck on how to move those things. E now has a handle on them, so thankfully I can just tell Silas to go see his brother. :)

EmmyJMommy said...

I have to say...I think we'll stick with Thomas the Tank Engine!!! :-)


Nana said...

I think this is so funny! I remember Aaron (my son, Jessica's brother) being so excited about transformers, and I really never thought about going through all of the expressions, terms and names of the characters again! It brings back such memories when Ethan talks about them! ha! He has given up asking me to help transform the toys! He loves to talk about them, though, and lets me know the latest information about whoever he is playing with at the time! It's good for the imagination!