The Meaning of a Word

Last weekend, my oldest son, asked me, "momma, what does 'spoil' mean?" After a few probing questions, I realized that he was trying to reconcile two different meanings of the word: (1) that Nana and Papa "spoil" them whenever they're together, and (2) --from a book we read-- Rudyard sadly overhears his friends saying, "I hope Rudyard doesn't come! That would spoil everything!" (Rudyard doesn't realize they're talking about walking in too soon to his own surprise party, but I digress.)

So I explained the meanings to him, and he seemed satisfied. But apparently, he didn't really get it, because...

This weekend, after Nana (my mom) had taken the boys to the zoo, while they were driving home, he excitedly said, "Nana, I love the way you spoil everything!"


Joyfully Home said...

Absolutely precious!!!

Mrs. G said...

Jess, I just wanted to post a quick God Bless you. I have been reading your blog as of late and find it inspiring! I am a soon to be adoptive mother. My husband and I are looking forward to growing our family. We work with our Youth Group at church and we are loving it. I love finding other mom's out there who believe the same way i do and it is amazing how God allows us to "stumble" across other Christians.

I have noticed that you and I have several things in common such as singing, guitar, crochet, and reading and learning! I Praise God that there are women my age that feel the same way about God, motherhood, and being a wife.
Thank you for sharing.


Jess said...

Wow, Gidgit! Thank you SO much.

It is such a blessing that God uses technology, internet, and silly old blogs to connect His people and encourage each of us in our individual walks with Him!

Blessings to you, particularly as you are adopting- I love adoption! And I'll hope to see you around here from time to time!

Kim said...

Oh, out of the mouths of babes. That's so sweet.