Feminine & Fashionable, From A to Z

Here is a fun fashion meme that I found on a friend's blog! I found it interesting, and since the Proverbs 31 woman was described as concerned about buying fabrics and clothing her family in choice colors, well then, I think we have the freedom to spend a little time on the feminine topic of fashion as well!

A: What accessories do you wear everyday? I wear my watch, my wedding ring, and a ring that my husband had made for me two Christmas' ago that says "Jesus is Lord" in Chinese script.

B: What is your beauty routine? (Imagine my laughter.) I'm not very good at routines like this. But I suppose a shower, followed by fixing my hair (which, since I cut my hair, takes about 5 minutes, rather than having to choose between careful blowdrying for 15 minutes or a ponytail). I do use a moisturizer every day. Do those things , however haphazardly executed, constitute a routine?

C: What was the last item of clothing (for yourself) that you purchased? I bought this blue jean skirt on eBay (pictured below), and I LOVE it! It hangs just right, flows just right, and doesn't need a slit because it isn't tight! I love it- it's modern, but feminine, and can be paired easily with just about anything!

D: Do you use a dresser, closet, or both? I'm a dresser girl. I never get things hanging back in the closet. Most of my stuff is folded kind of stuff anyway, since I'm not big on ironing, and so I typically buy fabrics that can be folded without having to worry about wrinkles. And in our apartment in Central Asia, we don't have closets anyway, so it's a good thing.

E: What type of earrings are in your ears right now? None. I rarely wear earrings.

F: What type of figure do you have? I'm a figure 8. I've got lots of curves but a definite waist.

G: Do you wear glasses? Yup! (Check em out over on my profile picture to the upper right!) I'm going to go get some new ones soon, because my vision gets worse with each pregnancy, and I've been having severe headaches from visual strain lately.

H: What type of handbag do you carry? I have a fun brown purse I got in Thailand for about $2 US. I love carrying it if I'm going somewhere without the kids. If I've got my little bundle of sweetness with me, then I carry a beautiful plum-toned Vera Bradley baby bag I got before we headed overseas.

I: What is your ideal style? Well, if that isn't a difficult question, I don't know what is! I know my ideal colors- browns and greens. But style? I love seventies-ish flowing skirts and tunic tops, I love simple classics (like solid cableknit sweaters), but then I also increasingly have an eye for unique things (asian-style box-toed shoes, or flowing dyed-cotton skirts from Thailand). I'm finding it hard to find a box to put myself into.

J: What jewelry are you wearing right now? My watch and 2 rings. I often wear a James Avery silver necklace with a small pearl pendant.

K: Do you wear knee-hi stockings? Not unless I'm wearing dressy black pants. Then I will, but only because I don't want to wear pantyhose.

L: Do you *have* to wear matching lingerie? Nope, especially since I've been nursing for more than three years out of the last five years of my life. They don't (to my limited-budget knowledge) make beautiful, matching undergarments for the nursing mom (besides just matching white/white and black/black).

M: Do you wear makeup, and if so, what products do you use? Not everyday, but when I do, I wear a light powder foundation and a little eye makeup (liner, shadow, and mascara). It is EXTREMELY rare for me to wear lipstick, and even MORE rare for me to wear blush.

N: Do you wear nightgowns? Yes. For Christmas this year, I gave my hubby the gift that keeps on giving: I told him that I would wear something pretty to bed every night for the entire next year. I've been loving it (and, if I do say so myself, he has too)!

O: What outerwear do you put on when going out on a typical winters day? Depends on where we are. If we're in bitter cold, I have an inside jacket from Columbia and an outer wet-protection layer from Marmot. I have different colors of matching scarves and hats (green, maroon, and black).

P: What is your favorite perfume? Happy by Clinique.

Q: Is your motto "quality over quantity" when it comes to clothing and accessories? Definitely. Although I don't always buy that way, I regret it when I don't! I'll take one favorite piece over 5 cute but poorly made pieces of clothing any day of the week!

R: Do you wear rain boots? Never have. I don't even think I did when I was a kid.

S: Do you wear socks or slippers when your feet get cold? Socks in the US, slippers in Central Asia.

T: Do you have a set of travel luggage? Definitely. We have a Samsonite set of suitcases, and then a collection of 8 really great large duffle bags that we used to get ourselves and all our stuff overseas.

U: What is your daily uniform? A basic bottom (right now, khaki pants, a jean skirt, or black pants) with a pretty top (on average, probably a green top of some ilk, but could be an olive Asian-style blouse, or a pretty Eddie Bauer sweater, or a thin brown tunic from Thailand).

V: If you are married, did you wear a veil with your wedding dress? If not, how did you do your hair? Yes, I had a rear veil, attached with a comb under my up-do. I'll have to show off wedding pictures sometime... if you don't know my wedding story, I'm sure you'd find it interesting.

W: Do you wear a watch? Yes. I got one in Thailand because I was always having to ask my husband what time it was. I bought a sporty navy Timex that is understated but can survive kids chewing on it, and being under bathwater.

X: What item of clothing always makes you feel eXtremely beautiful? My jean skirt. I really, REALLY like it! (Can you tell? I think this is the 3rd time I've mentioned it in this post!)

Y: What is your favorite type of yarn? Cotton or Cashmere to wear, and fine brushed high-thread-count cotton to sleep on!

Z: Do you prefer zippers or buttons? Depends on the item of clothing. On pants and skirts, I like zippers and hidden clasps because I don't need anything else pooching my stomach out. But on tops, I like plain front tops. So when do I like buttons? Maybe on a nice cardigan.


Joyfully Home said...

I can see why you like that skirt so much...it's fabulous! I'm going to go on a hunt for one myself! This was a fun post...I might just put one of these up on my blog.

Aside from this particular post, I've been pouring over your archives...what a blessing it has been. If it's ok, I'd like to add a link to your site from mine.

Amy B.

PS I've been praying for your husband...and for you and your children as well. I will continue to pray for you all often.

The Humble Housewife said...

Hi Jess, thanks for stopping by my blog! I just read a lot of your posts. You are very well spoken and make excellent points. I will be back! :-) And I might steal this meme too! :-)

dcrmom said...

O I must play. I just love a meme!!

Kim said...

That skirt rocks, Jess. I'm a little jealous, I have to say.

I am going to do this one. It should be on the blog sometime this morning.

Any word on Doug these days?

KellyM said...

I too just love that skirt! And I am going to copy you and give my DH the nightgown promise for his birthday, what a terrific idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

EmmyJMommy said...

Jess, updated this to my blog! It is great to sit and think of these things!


Jennifer said...

Hi Jess-

I have awarded you a "door prize" as you were one of my favorite stops on the ultimate blog party. You can stop by http://lifeisnotacereal.blogspot.com/2007/03/ultimate-blog-party-door-prizes-for-my.html to pick up the award.