Beltway Beat #3- Electability?

Right now, the conversation going on among a lot of Republicans goes something like this: "I don't really like the field of Republican candidates, but we have to have someone who is electable. I don't like _______, but I fear he may be the Republican candidate. And at least he's better than Hillary."

There are several problems with this, not the least of which is that we are listening to the liberal media concerning who the Republican candidate will be. They are telling us who is electable, but we are the conservative voters who will have to live with that decision.

Additionally, if we had no other candidates, Giuliani or McCain still would not be good choices for the Presidency, because they wou
ld shift the center of the Republican party and the center of American politics to the left. Simply put, people would begin thinking more liberally because the most prominent conservative voice would no longer be conservative. It would almost be better (for Republicans) for Hillary to be elected than for one of these liberal Republicans to be elected President, because at least a liberal Democrat would cause Republicans to reorganize and come back stronger than ever.

Just this week, it has come out that both Rudy Giuliani AND Mitt Romney, two of the three media-deemed top-tier candidates, have donated to Planned Parenthood, the organization responsible for more abortions than any other in America. Or rather, um, as both campaigns are spinning it, both of their wives donated to PP. These men and John McCain might appeal to the liberal media, but they will not gain wide support among the conservative base of the Republican party. Which will mean a loss to the Democrat, no matter who it is.

Without an energized base, the voter turn-out will be pathetic. Which is why we need a true conservative to run for the Republican candidacy. And not just a true conservative, but a man who can merge his politics with his faith and his faith and politics with his lifestyle.

Enter Mike Huckabee. This candidate, whom I have personally met and worked for (scroll to the bottom for a picture of the college-aged me with the pre-100-pound-weight-loss-Huckabee), is not only extremely electable (as evidenced by his twice-over re-elections as the Republican Governor of a Democratic state), but he is also a consistently conservative. Says Mark Thornton of the Mississippi Star-Herald, "I am convinced that Huckabee would be the GOP nominee if more people got to know him."

His Christian roots, which run strong and sound, not only inform his political positions but also have formed his entire life. He is an unapologetic Christian, which showed up clearly in the recent Republican debate, after which, Huckabee was called "presidential" and a true conservative by

Green Mountain Politics, a site that supports McCain, ceded this week that Mike Huckabee is the candidate for true conservatives. A few excerpts from their great article:
"The former Governor of Arkansas (10 successful years) has solid compassionate conservative credentials. In fact, they're sterling. ... Huckabee doesn't have to "fake" (like several other candidates, 2 in the top tier) his social conservative credentials in order to pander to the Republican base. Huckabee is a social Conservative with a capitol "C"! But he's also Compassionate with a capitol "C"."
(See??? This is what I've been saying!) They continue:
..."the more we listen to Mike Huckabee, the more we think that he's the type of leader who will do the 'right' thing no matter what the 'right' thing is.

That counts. That counts a whole lot.

Which means that if you're a Republican Primary voter still shopping for the 'right' candidate we think you should take a good hard look at Mike Huckabee.

We think you might really like what you see."
And so do I. (Continue reading Green Mountain Politics' "Case for Mike Huckabee" HERE.) Not only is he conservative, not only is he truly show Christian compassion, but he also has consistently held his positions throughout his adult life. Pro-life, environmentally consciencious, and with a strong record on education, he is not a wishy-washy ear-tickler, as many others are (see above, regarding Planned Parenthood donations made by two men who have said they "hate" abortion). Mike Huckabee is the real deal.

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Serena said...

I just love your blog.

I'm so glad that you are telling people about Mike Huckabee. I have been so discouraged about politics the past six years, when I was two months shy of being able to vote. I confess, I've had the attitude of, "Well, we must choose the lesser of two evils or nothing at all, right?" It took me long enough, but finally I realized that my attitude was way off base. Even if no candidates are acceptable, I shouldn't vote for the one that is the 'least' bad. Which is why I'm glad there's an actual GOOD candidate in Mike Huckabee.

When the recall election was held in California a few years ago, I heard the argument, "Well, Arnold may not be the best candidate, but he's all about the kids." To which I replied, "How can he be 'all about the kids' when he's pro-abortion?" Promoting after-school programs doesn't make him a good man or candidate. I think that's when I started to realize how wrong my attitude was.

I must say, though, if Mike Huckabee doesn't end up being the Republican candidate, you've made a good argument for voting for Hillary: "because at least a liberal Democrat would cause Republicans to reorganize and come back stronger than ever"! I jest, of course!

Mmm, more subjects for opinionated me to discuss with anyone who will listen.

Laurel said...

It is interesting to hear about Huckabee and if he comes to the forefront and gets the nomination, he's the man that gets my vote. Another trying to get the presidential nomination is Tom Tancredo, who I have also personally worked with. In the 1980's, he had worked for Reagan in the educational area (I am not certain which post it was) and I attended a grass-root group that he spoke at concerning school vouchers several times. Once a handful of us met at a Christian function with clip boards and petitions in hand to attempt to get enough signatures to get school vouchers on the ballet in Colorado. He was there with me doing the dirty work.

He is a Christian and the real deal also. He always has been. I really wonder whether or not there are enough true conservatives in this nation who would elect a true conservative.


Jess said...

I believe you about Tancredo's faith- only three men (out of TEN on the Republican stage) said they did not believe in evolution (which--as a side note-- was asked as though the moderator were asking, "is there anyone here who believes that space aliens have procreated with Egyptian mummies?").

Those three men were


Thanks for adding your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Arkansan, I wholeheartedly agree that Mike Huckabee is a man of wisdom and integrity, and will make an honorable president one day. His sweet wife graduated from my alma mater, John Brown University, and is as sincere and authentic as her husband.

*~Tamara~* said...

Sitting in political science classes in college, I listened to many arguments about the approaches to voting. (Values based, lesser of two evils, electability, party-centric, etc.) One argument that drove me batty was the idea that you have to vote for someone who can defeat "the other guy." This makes no sense to me, as what you end up with then is not what you truly believe matters, but what you're willing to live with. (In essence, the lesser of two evils.) This mindset towards voting is very evident in the recent shift from rather conservative to moderate/liberal in the Republican party. Twenty years ago conservatives would have laughed at the idea that McCain or Giuliani were "conservative." This has led to a feeling of betrayal among many conservatives because after all they voted for the Republican candidate. However, "Republican" no longer seems to mean "conservative," as evidenced by the similar histories of nearly all the men at the debate.

I think Huckabee has a fighting chance if he pulls out all the stops and is heard more. He has a good history and I have always respected him. He is not my ideal candidate, but if my ideal candidate were not a possibility Huckabee would be my top choice out of all the available ones. Several years ago I heard him speak and I thought he should run for president .

I would like to say one thing, though, that may go against the grain, though in politics I'm used to that. ;-) I do not vote for a candidate because he shares my faith. Of course I would love to have a President who shares my faith, who seeks God at every turn in his personal life and for guidance in his calling. It is, however, not a "litmus test" as they say. A president must first and foremost be a good leader who upholds the constitution. This is possible without being Christian, and certainly without being of my denomination. A belief in evolution (or simply not raising your hand because you don't consider it a factor in running for President) does not indicate a better candidate for the job. Many Christians actually believe in varying stripes of evolution, and of course I totally disagree with them. That however does not cause me to think they are better or less fit for a certain job than someone who believes in young earth/Creation science. It totally depends on what the job is. If I were looking for a pastor, I would want someone who believes the Bible entirely as the inspired word of God. When I'm looking for a President, I want someone who unequivocally believes in upholding the Constitution. If they do, then everything else, including my religious freedom, falls into place. (The reverse can not be said. Just because a candidate is a Christian does not mean the Constitution would be upheld.) When and if both those things were found in the same candidate, I would be rejoicing and thanking God every day. :-)

*~Tamara~* said...

Jess, here is something I meant to mention earlier and forgot.

"I believe that the creation has a creator. I believe there is a God. And I believe God put this whole creative process in motion. How he did it and the time frame in which he did it, I honestly don't know. Nor do I think it's relevant to being president of the United States," Huckabee said.

It is taken from this article:,1406,KNS_350_5522754,00.html

I meant to mention that when I was talking about many Christians believing varying degrees of evolution.

Sorry for the "follow up" post but I wanted to make sure you knew what I was referring to.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog so much, Jess!

I think Huckabee is a good choice but my vote is currently going to Duncan Hunter. He, too, is a conservative and unapologetic about his views. He stands strong on his beliefs and does not waiver...his voting record backs him up!

Hopefully more people will get to know him over the next few months. (His name is not as recognizable as the others.)