A Word on Homemade Playdough

Being the thoughtful and concerned friend to you that I am, I just wanted to give you these little tips from the vastness of my playdough-making experience.

1) If ever you promise your son that the two of you will make playdough the next day, go ahead and check and make sure you have all the required ingredients. Don't just assume that you probably do, particularly if you've never made it and don't have a clue.

2) If you don't follow tip #1 (hey, it happens- believe me), and you get your son up in the chair next to you, and as you're reading the instructions, you realize you don't have enough salt, do not substitute garlic salt.

Trust me. It stinks. And when they come up to you proud of themselves & their playdough creations, saying, "mom, try a bite of my pancake," or "here, mom, eat this cookie," you will want to vomit. Just trust me on this one.

When you realize you don't have enough salt, get up, right then and there, and get thee to the closest grocery store, or at the very least, go borrow a cup from your neighbor. You'll be glad you did.


Kim said...

Oh. Oh poor Jess.

Do their hands stink of garlic?

Jess said...

Oh yes.

And sadly, not just their hands. Baxter's breath stinketh as well! I kept looking over and would catch him with his thumb in his mouth. Poor little garlic breath boy! (At least it's non-toxic!)

the blackwells said...

I am LOL! That's too funny. My recipe always had cream of tartar...which was not usually a staple in my house.

Can you post your recipe for it?

Kim said...

That is one benefit of making homemade playdough! Poor gal. At least it's a funny memory...

(Oh, and a fun idea: We have this lady at our church who makes playdough all the time for the kids there, and in winter she puts sprinkles in it to make it look like snow!

Also, for coloring the playdough, little Ally's school (one of my kiddos) said that red koolaid works best.)

Love ya! May bathtime be sweet and effective...

Jess said...

Well, Heather, you just had to go and do that, didn't you? Ask for the recipe, I mean.

Because I'm sure yours is the same recipe as mine because just as I was scowling because I didn't have enough salt, I was also scouring the cabinets for cream of tartar, also not a staple around here. Well, I used meat tenderizer instead. Yup. I did. This was/is some FUNKY playdough! :)

EmmyJMommy said...

~~NOTE TO SELF: Don't make play dough with Jess! ha!

I hope y'all had a grand time!!!!


Christina said...

That's terrible, but oh so funny! Here's a recipe for playdough with no cream of tarter that smells wonderful.

2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
2 pkg. Kool-Aid (grape and cherry work really well)
2 cups water
3 Tablespoons oil

Mix together. Knead with more flour untill not sticky.


the blackwells said...

Thanks for the new recipe Christina!

Now I'll have to get the grandparents to send us koolaid packets in their American care packages.