Show & Tell: All About Abortion

This week's show and tell links all have to do with abortion... please, please, please- choose at least one of these links and read it through. You'll be glad you did.

Time magazine's cover story this week is about crisis pregnancy centers. They now outnumber abortion providers across the nation, but pro-abortion groups are protesting their legality.
This baby, born in her 21st week of gestation, is the youngest baby ever to have survived outside the womb. Now home with mom and dad, it's a scary story for pro-abortionists who would still have women believe that a baby this young is just a blob of tissue, unable to sustain life outside the womb.
Studies now show that the morning-after pill has bamboozled most American women, as 92% of women believe the abortion pill to be safe, and 98% believe it to be effective. Safe and effective for who?

The Tennessee legislature is considering issuing death certificates for aborted babies, in order to have an accurate record of how many children are being killed. There's also word of this being done for miscarried babie as well. Interesting ideas, although I'm not sure of the feasibility.

India has had gender-selection abortions for years now, allowing the preference for boys to create a crisis in which millions of girls are missing from society. The government will now offer special orphanages, where government will "parent" these unwanted girls.

Can you hear the deafening silence surrounding a forced abortion in Italy? If this teenager ha
d been forced to carry a child to term, or forced to get her parents' approval of an abortion she wanted, feminists would be up in arms. Though she desired to have the baby she was carrying, she was forced to have an abortion.

All of these are interesting articles that tackle the issues involved in the ongoing debate over the lives of millions of American babies. I hope you'll take a minute to read one or two of them!


Rachael said...

Although the Time article on CPCs was more balanced than articles we've seen in the past, however, the pro-choice critics voiced incorrect information in the article against CPCs. I invite you to join me in writing a letter to the editor of Time, correcting the misinformation. Also, if you've had a positive experience with a CPC or Pregnancy Resource Center, please share it with them, it's one of the most powerful forms of testimony.

Jess said...

I noticed the same thing about the Time article, but I'm thankful it was as balanced as it was... normally, I'd expect pro-life clinics to be "thrown under the bus" by the liberal mainstream media.

Great idea about writing a letter to the editor- I used to do that all the time with Newsweek (when I had a subscription), and I always felt triumphant afterwards. It also has the added benefit of allowing you to interact and let off a little steam while letting the MSM know that not ALL of us agree with their presumptions.


Kelly said...

Thank you for pointing me to these articles and info.

darci said...

hi jess, I am usually a lurker here, but had to comment. At 14 weeks pregnant, I googled '14 week fetus picture' last night, and was able to see a pic of what my precious third child might look like now. Further down the 'google line' I clicked on another headline, and was completely unprepared for the images I saw..aborted, mutilated babies, my babies age. My husband was sharing how in his reading in the OT, he was horrified by the stories of the children being sacrificed to the 'god' of the day..and yet realizing, every day babies are sacrificed to the 'god' of convenience, immorality, etc, in our society now. thanks for sharing this.

Courtney said...

great articles. Don't understand how women can live with themselves after abortions? I agree with Rachel about writing a letter to CPC's. And I have had a positive experience at a CPC.

Jess said...

You've brought up a sad thing- many women can't live with themselves after an abortion. And because of the shame and stigma associated with having one, they can't talk about it in normal conversation (or often, even intimate conversation). But oftentimes, women have grief come in waves... on what would have been their due date, sometimes annually; upon seeing children that are the age that their child would have been; etc.

Some women harden up their heart and refuse to feel the shame of it, and while they may not realize this is the reason they shut their emotions down, it is because it would do them in.

There is a name for it: post-abortion syndrome. But the truth is that our conscience tells us when we have sinned against God.

Everyone comes out a victim: the baby, the mother, the father (who may not even know of the child), and even the abortionist (whose heart becomes more and more hardened with each procedure). It breaks my heart.

Only the grace of God could allow a woman to truly not feel guilt and shame over such a decision.

CappuccinoLife said...

Wow, that forced abortion story is so sad. :( I feel so, so sorry for that young mother--obviously she is going to suffer tremendously.

The little one born at 21 weeks is such a testimony!

Though I am not a fan of ultrasounds just for the sake of seeing if the baby has mommy's nose ;), I do think the newer 3D and 4D ones will have a similar impact. Our midwife center has a new book with 3D ultrasound images from very early on in the pregnancy. It would be awful hard to deny the existence of human life in the womb after looking at a series of photos showing a baby at only 7 weeks gestation using his moms uterus as a trampoline. :D