A Day at the Clinic

Yesterday, I put off the procrastination and yelled, “Baby, would you look up that number in the phone book while you’re in the kitchen?” I called and talked to the lady in charge of volunteers at the Crisis Pregnancy Center and went in yesterday afternoon. I figure, while I’m in a country that allows me to, and while it’s National Right to Life week, I’ll go ahead and give a few hours a week for the remaining time I’m here in Texas to help support a clinic that helps some women exercise their right to choose LIFE.

I didn’t do anything earth-shattering. Just made some copies, put them together into packets, and stuck them into the welcome bags they give to ladies who have just found out that they’re pregnant when it’s probably not the test result they were hoping for. Pages that tell them how to stay healthy during pregnancy, pages explaining how to get some free baby-care items, such as diapers, cribs, and baby clothes, and pages with information on free classes about parenting, healthcare, and Bible studies they may want to attend.

After reading some blogs written by women who work at abortion clinics, you’d think the only thing one could feel at such a moment would be dread, horror, and a need to rid oneself of the problem. But the women and men I saw walking out of the clinic looked like they had a glimmer of hope. Hope that someone would walk alongside them, that there would be a support system to help them get through the hard parts, and that they had options to consider.

Reading their literature while making copies, I learned that about 100 women who are abortion-minded choose life every year because of their services. That may not sound like much, but if you consider that there are hundreds of these clinics across the nation, that comes out to tens of thousands of children born (who will run through grass, be licked by dogs and marvel at the funny shape of an elephant’s nose) that otherwise would have been discarded into a disposal bin.

I’m so thankful I could take a couple hours between nursing my little one yesterday to offer some assistance to the hard-working ladies I met who are in the business of hope.

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Ladies Against Feminism and have enjoyed reading about your life. My husband's name is Doug also, we live in TX and want to go on the foreign mission field some day. I work at a Pregnancy Help Center in El Paso. We also want children but God seems to be saying not yet, biologically, and we are beginning the adoption process. I love hearing how you parent. God bless you.