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Here's my NEW news:

I'm blogging at jessconnell.com now! 

Yes, after over seven years writing here, I've decided to move to a self-hosted website with just my name, so that all of my writing-- blogging, fiction, non-fiction, can all be in one spot:

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Details: All posts and archives will remain here, at least for the time being. I am in process of moving over classic & favorite blogposts from the last seven years over to my new website. If you have favorite posts you'd like to see over there, please comment on the post or send me an email!

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"Now We Remember"

Merry Christmas to loved ones, far and near
Whether a great or a terrible year,
Lovely reasons exist to celebrate:
The One for Whom all the world did wait
Indeed, the whole of creation groaned
For the One who could rightly for sin atone.

Our good and glorious God above
Sent Jesus to offer the world His love
After birth, life, and death, He rose to the sky.
Gave the gift of the Spirit to guide us by.

Now we remember, rejoicing, elated
Each year His birth will be celebrated!
Whether a great or a terrible year,
It's a Merry Christmas: Emmanuel is here!

~Jess Connell, 12/25/2013

Visionary Living

I watched as some good friends of ours prepared to send their oldest daughter off to college.

This was no ordinary sending-off; you see, we lived overseas. Our friends knew that they wouldn't be able to easily or cheaply send an overnight care package full of fresh-baked cookies. They knew that their daughter couldn't drive home over a weekend for hugs and R&R.

Their daughter was (and is) a very bright and well-rounded gal. I watched as my friend, the mom, cast a vision for her daughter. That vision, knowing her daughter well, included something like this: "What kind of academic goals have you set for yourself?" (She listened.) And then she said, "your dad and I want you to know what our academic vision is for you-- and that includes making the Dean's List every semester." (Now, remember, they knew their daughter.  This isn't a one-size-fits-all goal, but they knew that for her, this was a reasonable challenge.)

I think back to that sometimes, as a parent, and as a woman.

What kind of vision do I need to be casting for myself?

There is a huge difference, and we all see it, between an 80-year-old woman who has spent her life scowling and criticizing and grumping and an 80-year-old woman who has passed her days with humility and joy and gratitude.

Have you noticed it? Have you seen the wrinkles around the eyes of a woman who has spent her life smiling and laughing? They contrast sharply with the woman with deep furrows of despair from having grumbled and complained her way through the decades.

If I am like that daughter, being sent off into this next year of life, what vision am I taking on? Whose vision am I stretching to meet?

What kinds of qualities do you want to possess by the time you are 80?
What are you doing now to achieve those qualities in your life & heart?