Back on the Bookshelf: Her Name Is Woman (Book 1)

WOW~ Just finished the first of this excellent two-book series, called "Her Name Is Woman" by Gien Karssen, and I can't wait to tell you about it! If you don't yet have Fall reading plans, get thee to an online or real bookstore (or to your local library, even better!), and begin this series.

If you enjoy reading biblical historical semi-fiction, ala Francine Rivers' "Lineage of Grace", this will not only be right up your alley in terms of enjoyment, but it is also an EXCELLENT, biblically-informed way to acquaint yourself with the women of the Bible ("big": Sarah, Rebekah, Mary, mother of Jesus, and "small": the Queen of Sheba, the widow at Zarapheth, and Naaman's Jewish maid).

She takes each biblical account and walks through the woman's heart, life, and experiences as we know them in the Word, weaving in cultural and historical information, to provide us with a rich awareness of these biblical women, and a powerful understanding of their lives.

Some of the things I like about it: she sticks to biblical truth and doesn't chase rabbits. And yet, she perceives nuances and details in the biblical text that reveal character traits and relational insights that really increase your understanding of the biblical stories. I have learned SO much about biblical women that I used to think of as minor or not worthy of focus. She has illuminated the biblical text in a real and insightful way, and I believe everyone could benefit from not only one careful reading, but also from having this on your bookshelf, and being able to pull it out as a bible study tool when reading about the women of the Bible.

Additionally, this would make an EXCELLENT women's group Bible study, with each week focusing on 1-2 women. Each chapter (one chapter=one woman) begins with the actual biblical text relating to each woman (for women like Sarah, who span chapters and many stories, she pares it down to the most relevant and pertinent portions). Then she ends each chapter with a series of questions designed for further discussion and insight into the women of focus, and questions that help us consider the applications of the text into our own lives.

This series is excellent- I may do a post soon with insights gained from the series, but for now, I'd just recommend that you put this on your reading list and allow this interesting Bible study and meditation tool to inform, enlighten, and challenge you in your understanding of biblical women!


Sadie said...

This book sounds awesome! I am going to look it up at my library or order it right now. Thank you for sharing your recommendations, it is so encouraging to read what you write because it often mirrors what is going on in my own heart.


Kim said...

I just started reading Lineage of Grace last night, so I might have to put this on my list of things to read next!

Anonymous said...

I just requested it from my library too. Thanks!

Stuart and Beth said...

I have both of her woman of the Bible and have loved them. Gien Karssen also wrote a book on singles which is one of the best that I have read and I have read alot of them. It is out of print but worth it.